#1 FAN FAVORITE Iced Coffee Bar

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Coffee has so many amazing natural properties. It's an antioxidant, is known to tighten skin and has natural exfoliating benefits

This soap is dual sided. 
One side has real coffee grounds for natural exfoliationcaffeine as an energizer, and real coffee to tighten loose or aged skin. 
The second side also has a hint of coffee, but is mostly a honey base for moisturizing, it's antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits. It's completed with your favorite coffee flavor, infused with all natural clove oils for moisture and skin repairing qualities. 

This bar was created to exfoliate, cleanse, repair and protect your skin... with the added benefits of mood enhancing and energizing coffee!

Not to mention it looks and smells awesome! Get yours with added 
"ice cubes" to complete the iced coffee look. PERFECT FOR COFFEE LOVERS!


Due to the incredible balanced ratio of gamma linolenic acid, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp is believed to offer soothing, healing and strengthening benefits for hair and skin.



Cbd promotes calming while helping with everything from muscle spasms to Ptsd. Cbd is mostly topically applied for pain.

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