Fresh Leaf CBD Concentrate (150MG)

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Freshleaf CBD is a non-synthetic cannabidiol (CBD) product extracted from agricultural hemp. Our concentrate is manufactured at Elysian Labs in house laboratory using 99.9% cannabidiol (CBD) isolate crystals. Freshleaf CBD lab tests all products for THC content as well as heavy metal solvents providing you with the cleanest possible holistic approach to medicine.


Concentrate – 15ml bottle available strengths 150mg, 350mg, and 600mg

Freshleaf CBD concentrate comes in a 15ml bottle. It can be used sublingually, mixed into a drink, dropped on a food, or added to your e-liquid. Without an accurate dropper or measurement tool one can estimate a milliliter as roughly 6-8 drops of liquid. Below is a dosing chart for the variety of Freshleaf CBD concentrates available.

Strength MG of CBD per Milliliter
150mg 10
350mg 23.3
600mg 40


  • Our research and testimonies from clients tell us the most efficient way to ingest our concentrate form is sublingually.
  • Freshleaf CBD does not suggest vaping the concentrate without adding it to e-liquid, although it will not harm you if taken this way. It is a high PG concentrate which will result in a harsher vape.

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