Fresh Leaf: Nilla Cake Vape Juice (150MG)

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Elysian Labs award winning E-liquid Nilla Cake CBD, a delightful white cake with vanilla frosting infused with CBD.

A 30ml bottle containing 99.9% pure CBD isolate domestically grown in the USA.

Freshleaf CBD is a non-synthetic cannabidiol (CBD) product extracted from agricultural hemp. Our e-liquid is manufactured at Elysian Labs in house laboratory using 99.9% cannabidiol (CBD) isolate crystals combined with the flavoring from some of the top selling e-liquid brands in the country. Freshleaf CBD lab tests all products for THC content as well as heavy metal solvents providing you with the cleanest possible holistic approach to medicine.


E-Liquid – 30ml bottle available strengths 150mg, 300mg, and 350mg

Freshleaf CBD e-liquid comes in a 30ml bottle which can be vaped in a tank or by dripping. We have combined with some of the top selling e-liquid flavors in the Unites States to provide you some of the best tasting avenues for ingesting your cannabidiol (CBD)

Strength MG of CBD per Milliliter
150mg 5
300mg 10
350mg 11.6


  • While vaping our e-liquid form we have no recommendations for build or wattage. We can tell you that Cannabidiol melts at about 151 degrees Fahrenheit so when it comes to heat less is more.

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