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Cannidex: CBD Pain Cream (1500mg)

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 Not all hemp-derived CBD topicals are created equal! Cannidex is different!

Developed almost exclusively from pure hemp crystal (not oil), Cannidex pain cream, is manufactured under stringent standards to deliver 1500 mg per 50 ml of Hemp-derived CBD in a patented transdermal cream base. It is tested, packaged, and processed in Colorado, USA using ingredients that are manufactured under GMP, NSF and ISO certified processes. It is developed using hemp-derived CBD crystal registered and regulated by the Colorado State Department of Agriculture.

We hope you’ll discover the difference that Cannidex can make in your life!


Designed to be applied on the skin at the BON (Back of the Neck).

Works by travelling through free nerve-endings and peripheral nerve connections.


Does not work by going into the digestive system or blood stream.

Works where it is applied minimizing any systemic side-effects.


Works within 15 minutes after application.

Benefits of therapy can last from 4 to 12 hours.

For patent pending Direct Effects method:

        Apply 1-2 pumps to the back of the neck, starting at the hairline, working down toward the muscles just below the neck.



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