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Dixie Botanicals: Natural CBD Hemp Oil Dew Drops (500mg)

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Deep. Natural. Floral. Earthy. These flavors intertwine nature and our taste buds, and are absolutely essential for individuals that truly love the rewarding experience and deep flavor of all things natural. Looking on the dew covered, emerald forests brings out an aetherial urge and appreciation for supplements that are, in their simplest state, the essence of the natural experience that people adventurously seek throughout their outdoor adventures. Dixie Botanicals innovatively captured and refined this essence, providing naturalists with a non-GMO CBD (Cannabinoid) tincture drops, made from hemp grown in the sun-touched, emerald hills of Northern Europe.

Dixie Botanicals Dew Drops now feature a convenient dropper top

500mg of CBD

Natural, Earthy Taste

Sleek, Easy to Use Oral Applicator

All-Natural, Soy-free, and Vegetarian

Scientifically Refined & Tested

Tincture Labs


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