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Service Dog Cape Vest with Dual Pockets

MSRP: $49.99
(You save $10.00 )
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Features fabric pockets on each side with an easy to use velcro tab closure. Store ID cards, a cell phone or even an epipen within it.

For those that do not need the carrying capacity of our Saddlebag Vest, this is a perfect product.

Solid fabric pockets, the contents inside will remain hidden.

Backed by Wiredog's Lifetime Guarantee.

Base is two layers of ultra-tough fabric in the color of your choice. All trim is solid black in color. 

Quick release buckle means easy on and easy off.

Both the chest strap and girth strap are fully adjustable.

Convenient plastic glide to slip the excess girth strap through, results in a cleaner fit and finish.

There is a convenient D-ring located on the back of this cape.  Use it to hang tags or to attach a leash too.


26"-30" girth

30"-34" girth

34"-40" girth

40"-42" girth.

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