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Looking to incorporate a tincture into your daily CBD routine?  The Forest Hemp CBD Oil Tincture has what it takes to give you all of the hemp compounds that you know and love, in a user-friendly and highly bioavailable formula.  Free of fillers and additives, it’s the perfect choice for sublingual administration.

This CBD Oil Product is for sublingual use only (not vaping).



Forest Hemp CBD Oil Tincture

Forest Hemp’s CBD Oil Tincture is one of the finest sublingual hemp oils on the market. It provides the body with every desirable compound found in the industrial hemp plant. All, while boasting an exceptionally clean formula that’s great for taking daily. This high-quality tincture formula is free of flavoring ingredients, giving you one of the purest hemp experiences possible.

Full Spectrum Hemp for the Entourage Effect

Made with just that, it contains the complete array of compounds as they occur in the flowering buds of the female hemp plant. You get the cannabinoids, terpenes, nutrients and more. These all work together synergistically to produce the entourage effect.

Additive-Free and Unflavored

Simply put, this is one of the cleanest CBD oil formulas on the market, consisting solely of full spectrum hemp extract and coconut-derived MCT oil. It’s free of fillers, additives, dyes and flavoring. Because it’s unflavored, each dose provides you with the pure and clean taste of the hemp plant.

Lab-Tested for Quality

It’s extremely important that you buy from a company that does third-party lab testing, and Jolly Green Oil does just that. They ensure that each and every batch of their hemp extract goes to a testing facility so that it can be rigorously tested for quality and purity levels. The result is a hemp product that you can trust.

Great for Daily Use

Its ideal for daily use because it boasts the perfect daily milligram strength while being gentle on the body. Typically taken under the tongue, but can be used as a food additive or a topical as needed.

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