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Giraffe Nuts: Atlantic Sea Salt Melatonin CBD Caramels Bulk Bin (1500mg)

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The Atlantic Sea Salt Giraffe Nuts caramels are a perfect mixture of sweet and salty flavors, infused with melatonin, combined into a tightly wrapped caramel candy, to help you relax. With an extra creamy texture, these caramels are completely satisfying!  Each caramel is carefully made, ensuring great quality and a decadent taste. These old fashioned treats include 15mg of CBD per caramel, 5mg of melatonin per caramel, providing a vast number of possible health benefits with each bite.

Giraffe Nuts BULK BIN contains 100 individually wrapped caramel pieces each with 15mg CBD. Great option for brick and mortar stores looking to sell Giraffe Nuts caramels by the eaches or sampling the Giraffe Nuts before a customer commits to a 10-piece bag. One once they 'try' they almost ALWAYS 'buy'.

15mg Hemp Extract per Caramel

5mg of Melatonin per Caramel

10 Caramels Per package



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