HempChewer: Bambi Love 1" Collar

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This adorable collar is sprinkled with images of baby fawns and miniature hearts. How cute! Strong, yet soft and durable base is made out of organic hemp, known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.


This is a 1 inch wide adjustable hemp dog collar with plastic or metal buckle, available in sizes:

S (9.5 in -12.5 in) 

M (12 in – 16.5 in)

L (12.5 in - 21.5 in)

HempChewer uses only the highest quality materials for crafting the items, such as organic European hemp, woven (not printed!) ribbon and durable hardware and thread.

Collars are handmade from high quality hemp. Hemp is great because of its strong and durable fibers, which are also resistant to mold and bad smell! Hemp is not only eco friendly, but also very kind on dog and human skin, as it is grown without pesticides and harsh chemicals that may cause irritation.
Hemp gets softer with use and molds to your dog’s neck with time.

For best fitting measure your dogs neck where his collar usually sits and choose the size.

Please Note: Due to the handmade nature of this item, extra time may be needed for creation and delivery of your order. We appreciate your patience.

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