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Hempzilla: Strawberry Creme Gelato CBD Zilla Vape Pods (300mg) Display Box

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Introducing Hempzilla Strawberry Creme Gelato CBD Zilla Vape Pods! This strawberry creme gelato flavor tastes reminds us of a bowl of smooth and creamy refreshing gelato, speckled with boldly ripened strawberries!

These are designed for the JUUL Pod Vaporizer, and have 300mg of full spectrum CBD Hemp per pod.

They come in a 2 pack for extra value!

Box of 8 Packets for 16 pods Total

Non-Psychoactive / No Marijuana

Grown & processed in the USA under the Colorado Dept of Agriculture program.



Hemp Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Proprietary Blend CBD Hemp Oil, Stevia Extract, Orange Essential Oil.

Vape 300mg

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