Inkeeze: CBD Tattoo Care Bundle

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This Inkeeze CBD Tattoo Care Bundle is perfect for both tattoo artists and their clients alike! This Natural Healthy exclusive bundle gives you Inkeeze CBD Glide Tattoo Ointment & Inkeeze CBD Tattoo Foam Soap!

After years of development, along with increasingly positive results regarding the benefits of CBD, Inkeeze felt that this was the best time to release their CBD infused tattoo products. Inkeeze CBD Glide Tattoo Ointment is a handy two-in-one CBD Hemp infused tattoo ointment that can be used both as a lubricant during tattoo procedures, & as an aftercare product to protect & heal your Ink! Inkeeze CBD Infused Tattoo Foam Soap is the perfect solution for cleaning & conditioning the skin, made for both tattoo artists & their clients alike!


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