Jolly Green Oil: CBD Terpene Vape Pods Multipack (425mg)

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JGO's pre-filled CBD Terpene Vape Pods Multipack for the JUUL vaporizer, are Jolly Green Oil's four different pre-filled CBD pods with high quality CBD Hemp with true terpene profiles. You will get one of each of their high quality pre-filled CBD Terpene Vape Pods, including Pineapple Express, Gelato Grand Daddy Purple, and Girl Scout Cookie. 

425 MG of CBD packed into a 0.6 ml pod that is convenient and compatible with any JUUL device!

Each 0.6 ml cartridge produces approximately 200 puffs delivering about 2.1 MG of high quality CBD and true terpene profiles per inhalation.

Pineapple Express CBD Terpene Vape Pod

A powerful Sativa strain with a sweet, tropical citrus, cedar aroma delivering an uplifting and energetic effect with a relaxing sensation and energy boosting effects. This sweet and tropical flavored strain will have you uplifted and feeling good all day.

Gelato CBD Terpene Vape Pod

A powerful Indica strain named for its dessert like aroma delivering relaxing, happy, giggly, and euphoric side effects. This sweet, pungent, and flowery scent is a potent deliverer of creativity and relaxation making it the perfect all day vape.

Grand Daddy Purple CBD Terpene Vape Pod

A powerful Indica strain from California with a sweet, floral, and earthy aroma delivering relaxing and calming effects with a fusion of euphoria and physical relaxation. A sweet berry like flavor for a relaxing and enjoyable vape.

Girl Scout Cookie pre-filled CBD Terpene Vape Pod

A powerful Hybrid strain from California with a sweet and spicy, floral and pine like aroma delivering a joyful and euphoric sensation for total relaxation and enjoyment.

Terpene Information

Terpenes are the essential oils made by all plants, they give each plant and extract its own unique scent, flavor, and effect. Every terpene is unique and delivers a wide variety of benefits ranging from increased circulation and neurological functions to relief from pain and inflammation.


CBD Isolate, Non-GMO organic food grade terpenes

JGO Labs

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