Medi-Puff: Vegan CBD Cotton Candy Large Fish Bowl (10mg)

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Soft, fluffy, and sweet, cotton candy has been a carnival treat for generations! But now partnered with Medi-Puff, here at Natural Healthy CBD, we bring you CBD Hemp infused cotton candy! A perfect solution for anyone who wants to take a superior quality pharmaceutical grade CBD hemp product without the oily mess or horrible taste, sometimes associated with CBD Hemp.

Taste the rainbow with this CBD Cotton Candy Large Fish Bowl! Perfect for the countertop in your shop, filled with Vegan Mini CBD Cotton Candy Tubs in your favorite flavor or a variety of flavors! The options are endless!

Each mini tub holds one serving of 10mg of CBD Cotton Candy.

Kosher – Vegan – Gluten Free – Cholesterol Free – Fat Free


Sugar, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Color, CBD derived from Industrial Hemp


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