The Happy Kit: Mini Kit

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Your pockets sized, slicker than ever Happy Kit.

Whether you're on the run or on the slopes the Happy Kit Mini Is perfect for you!

This is a virtually smell proof smoke stash kit! The mini version of The Happy Kit: Deluxe Kit! 

So what does it include?

Happy Kit Mini carrying case with pouch pocket: The iconic Happy Kit case is a smell proof and waterproof hardshell case designed from the ground up to best hold and protect your smoking goodies.

One hitter pipe: This is where it gets fun. In each kit, there is a beautiful and unique glass pipe. (Please note that each case gets a unique pipe, and therefore will differ from the picture on our site)

1 1/4" pack of rolling papers: You know what these do, we sometimes call them happy papers. The paper that gets us more excited than gift wrapping paper. But, if you think about it, you are kind of wrapping (or rolling) a gift.

Filter tips: Any stoner, toker or casual smoker knows that filter tips are a must-have. It keeps your joint together and takes the harshness down a notch. So we included a whole bunch of them for your smoking pleasure.



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