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Moose Labs: Original Silicone MouthPeace Display Box of 9

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The original Moose Labs MouthPeace is the best way to share the experience without sharing the germs!

This doctor recommended revolutionary silicone mouthpiece gives peace of mind to social smokers, by allowing you to share bongs and dab rigs safely, while preventing illness and germs from spreading.

Made from 100% platinum cured silicone, the MouthPeace is the smartest way to share safely. Simply insert into your device and use as you normally would!

Its flexible, tapered design creates a universal fit with most apparati on the market. The pressure you naturally apply creates a completely airtight seal. Now you’re safe to share with everyone, even your grossest of friends, without fear of getting sick! How cool is that?!

Each MouthPeace comes packaged with a lanyard for easy carrying.


Platinum Cured Silicone 

Great for Consumption Events 

Doctor Recommended 

Prevents Illness and Reduces Spreading Germs 

Tapered, Flexible Design Fits Most Devices 

Dishwasher Safe 

You get 9 Original Moose Labs MouthPeace's in random colors, in this P.O.P. Display Box

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