NaturalXtract: Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (2000mg)

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NaturalExtract is a market leading natural food products company. They manufacturer and sell cannabinoid-rich hemp oil products containing naturally occurring cannabinoids (CBC, CBD, CBG, CBN , CBDa). Their proprietary extraction, isolation and lipid-modification technologies produces the cleanest and most consistent hemp oil extracts possible. Their industry experience and knowledge of CBD makes us meticulous about our manufacturing process. NaturalExtract cannabinoid-rich hemp products are the highest quality available.

 NaturalXtract 2000mg Full Spectrum tinctures is a light and tasty blend of organic of full spectrum cannabinoids, MCT, coconut oil, and Hemp Seed oil. They specially blend our oils with regimen use and taste in mind.


MCT oil, Coconut oil Hemp Seed Oil with Omega 3,6,9, and 2000mg full spectrum cannabinoids

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