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Pawvac Travel Friendly Pet Treat Container (3oz)

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Pawvac Travel Friendly Pet Treat Container

The 3 oz Pawvac is great for storing smaller Barkery treats. Perfect for open 3 oz cans of pet food, not only will the ODORS be contained, it will also remain fresh until you are finished using it. Travel friendly with bird seed, hamsters, reptiles and small critter food. TightPacs Pawvacs prevent MITES from multiplying, bug invasions from starting and keeps your valuable pets safe from infections, so common from pet food that contain pest larvae. Keeps dry goods up to 1 year and beyond! Simply the best container for RV’s & travel, camping, boating, cottages and second homes. Store any Pawvac conveniently on the countertop, in the pantry, the fridge or freezer. These Vacs save you money and guarantee fresher for longer food storage. 


3-3/4"tall x 3" diameter (9.5 cm x 7.5cm) 


3 oz / 75g / 0.29 liter 

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