PharmaXtracts: Unicorn Vomit CBD Vape Juice (500mg)

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Blow giant clouds and impress your friends with PharmaXtracts Unicorn Vomit CBD Vape Juice! A perfect blend of warm summer days with a scoop of rainbow sherbet, Unicorn Vomit CBD E-Liquid is for those who love something fun and fruity with a kick! 

PharmaXtracts Unicorn Vomit CBD Vape Juice fills your Vape Mod for the pinnacle of potency in the CBD world.They start with 500 mg of pure, white crystalline CBD powder, dissolve it in 60 ml of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and your choice of different and exciting delicious artificial and natural flavors.

Smoking their CBD Vape Juice in your Vape Mod provides large clouds of vape for the most immediate satisfaction so you can relax, recuperate, revitalize, and reflect.  It provides a different kind of feeling good, one that takes the edge off while you get the edge back.

Easy and convenient to use anywhere heavy-duty, modern vape smoking is allowed.

Their laboratory tested, pure, white crystalline cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from hemp using our exclusive, proprietary process which results in a CBD vape juice that contains no other cannabinoids to interfere with the amazing effectiveness of CBD. When smoked in a vape, their pure CBD is immediately drawn into your bloodstream through the capillaries of your lungs giving you the immediate, marvelous benefits of the full CBD experience!


vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, crystalline CBD powder, artificial & natural flavors

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