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Phyto Animal Health: Extra Strength Vitality Pet CBD (1700mg)

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Designed as an all-natural health management supplement for your pet, Vitality 1700 Oral Concentrate contains decarboxylated CBD in its unfiltered oil to maximize CBD content while retaining the nutritional value of raw hemp. This award-winning full-spectrum CBD hemp oil contains 1700 mg of CBD and is naturally abundant in terpenes, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, and additional natural cannabinoid compounds found in hemp. It comes carefully packaged in a 10g oral applicator for easy and precise measuring.

Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Supplement

Contains 1700 mg of CBD

10 g Oral Applicator for Easy Measuring


Full Spectrum CBD, medium chain triglyceride (MCT)

Phyto Animal Healthy Labs

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