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Stunt Puppy: Stunt Runner Flexible Connector

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This is an additional Flexible Connector for those of you who run with two dogs OR for those pairs of dogs who run with one person.

How does it work? You need a Stunt Runner Hands Free Leash to start.

Then add this additional connector to the D-Ring on the belt and voilà - you're hooked to two dogs!

Available in black, blue, red, orange, silver and black reflective trim.

Stunt Runner not included.


Flexible Connector between you and your dog

Simple, light weight design will not slow you down

Flexible connector piece stretches from 35” - 51” (the reflective version stretches 34” to 44”)


Tubular Nylon Webbing

Soft, smooth and strong. The same material used in top-quality climbing and rescue gear. Doesn’t pinch the skin or mat the hair.



Hands Free

A great way to add a second dog to your Stunt Runner Hands Free Leash set up.

Stretches from 35” to 51” (the reflective version stretches 34” to 44”) to easily absorb slight variations in stride,

and clips to an adjustable waist belt with a sliding D-Ring to keep your running partner in just the right spot.



Bar Tack Stitching

We don’t glue our materials together or sew like Grandma; we stitch ’em right and tight.

This super strong stitch is the same one used on climbing harnesses and firefighters’ gear.

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