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Yin Yang Infusions: Ultimate Terpene CBD Isolate Bundle

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Yin Yang Infusions brings us organic 99.9% pure CBD Isolate enhanced with organic terpenes. In this natural healthy exclusive bundle you get one gram of each terpene strand offered for one low price.

You get: XJ-13Strawberry BananaGrape ApeGorilla Glue #4Blueberry KushChem DawgGrandaddy PurpleTangie TerpeneStrawberry Cough, & Super Lemon Haze.


Non-Gmo US-grown Hemp

High Bioavailability

Lab tested

All organic and pesticide free

Terpene Information

Terpenes are the essential oils made by all plants, they give each plant and extract its own unique scent, flavor, and effect. Every terpene is unique and delivers a wide variety of benefits ranging from increased circulation and neurological functions to relief from pain and inflammation.


Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate, Terpenes

Yin Yang Infusions

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