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Green Garden Gold: Day Sunrise & Night Moonglow Serum Bundle

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With the Green Garden Gold Day Sunrise & Night Moonglow Serum Bundle you get the best of both worlds! A soothing, relaxing, night serum designed to careers, soothe, and nurture your skin while you sleep, as well as helping aide in the relaxation of your body. As well as a fresh and lively day serum, designed to help you get through your day as well as provide soothing properties for your skin.

Day Serum starts out with an air of fresh Spearmint and peppery Ginger, to which lively Eucalyptus and exotic Clove Bud oils are added. Rose Hips Seed Oil, the “Aloe Vera of the Chilean Andes” lends a soothing quality, combined with Broccoli Seed Oil, for use in treating inflammatory diseases. Broccoli Seed Oil is soothing and emollient in its own right, providing a refreshing and smooth base for a nutrient-packed serum to start your Day.

While the body is sleeping, Green Garden Gold's Night Moonlight Serum caress, soothe and nurture the skin with a combination of pure essential oils and naturally occurring CBD Hemp Oil. Sleepyhead Lavender is the dominant essential oil, to which floral Geranium Oil has been added and Wild Chamomile for it’s woody herbal sweetness, so as not to confuse your nose with the scent that your great-grandmother might have favored. The Major emollient oil is Broccoli Seed, balanced with lighter bodied oils that are bursting with vitamins and minerals such as A1, B1, B2, and Niacin. Oat kernel oil enhances oxidative stability and absorb UV rays, while phytochemicals that reduce skin irritation and redness are wonderfully present. So while the body is sleeping, these emollient oils caress, soothe and nurture the skin.

Anti Wrinkle


Anti Inflammatory

What You Get

Two 20ml bottles, each containing 75mg CBD

Green Garden Gold CBD Labs



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