Pre-order is a way Service Dog Headquarters is able to get high quality and expensive products to our customers at a fraction of the cost. With things like minimum order quantities and kits or certain sales hoops we have to jump to through to obtain the products, we know it can be frustrating finding and obtaining that Innovative new item or that really expensive topical or that Innovative machine. We do the hard work for you, and then the community collectively helps us to obtain more expensive pharmaceutical products to be able to provide them to anyone who made need them but can't necessarily afford the high price tag. Pre-sale orders ship once a certain cap is met, so please be aware it can take sometime for in order to ship. Unfortunately, speed is what we trade off when it comes to the ability to bring you pre-sale items that you'll see nowhere else! Who is helping us to obtain stock which will also help us keep prices low without risking quality or customer satisfaction.