AG Alchemy

USDA-Certified Organic Handler.

Meeting key standards and certifications is critical to many of our clients. That’s why Ag-Alchemy has completed the necessary certification process to become a USDA-Certified Organic handler. And because there are no separate standards between people food and pet treats, these are the same high standards required for human consumption. 

Our journey to become a certified organic handler includes an intensive process of writing, updating and implementing a required program covering ingredient sourcing, handling, manufacturing and labeling. It also requires a process of five basic steps:


- Adopting organic practices -
- Selecting a USDA-accredited certifying agent -
- Submitting an application and fees to the agent -
- A review process to verify practices comply with USDA regulations, along with an audit of our facility -
- Verification of the certification body to approve our facility and label it as USDA-Certified Organic. -

So, you can feel confident choosing Ag-Alchemy to manufacture and package your USDA-certified organic productions in our certified handling facility.