Business Services


List and sell your products on!

We list all accurate available information and stay to your MRSP. When an order is placed, we will send the order through based on the agreement between Natural Healthy CBD (NHC) and your brand agreement. This means when we put your products up we have them all available, but we purchase in store what's most showing interest in regards to retail to avoid having to throw away products or products going bad and spoiling prior to getting to the customer. All MOQs and Order restrictions are decided between NHC and the brands and can be customized to fit your needs. This decision is based on experience and due to us having so many options. Again, NHC works for you, meaning wholesale and B2B agreements can be altered between both parties as long as they're agreed upon.

All products that are in stock and stored with NHC are pushed to advertising for free. 


Brick and Mortar shops are available to sign up for wholesale. 

Wholesale benefits everyone in this instance. Many of our brick-and-mortar shops come directly to us because of our extensive selection. 

We work out agreements with our suppliers to get the best deals and supplies. Oftentimes wholesalers will want to purchase half a case and the other half a case we can sell to another wholesaler, making deals usually unavailable for the normal small businesses to acquire. 

We provide wholesale deals, cases, displays, bulk and larger quantities while paying wholesale pricing. 

How?! Aren't you third partying? 

Kind of. Since we're a manufacturer most of the time we're first party. However because we are so connected to our family of providers and we are on a text based relationship level, they realize the sales that they get help them and us at the same time while brick and mortar shops are able to choose from a extensive selection and are provided with the best deals available, averaging out after shipping from each location, our 15% equaling out to be about $5 making the connection.

This often incentivizes people to come back and trust us which is why we've been able to form such an extensive network of trusted individuals. Brick and mortars don't mind paying the $5 instead of paying multiple shipping charges and having to go to each brand, and each brand appreciates their products being sold in stores. 

Again all partnerships are based on a case by case basis. 

Project Management

NHC has an extensive reach to people all across the industry. Since we are one of the biggest and we know a lot of people, We're the first stop when they're looking to create their own brands. 

NHC has led many product projects to development, taking the client from idea, to recipes, to manufacturing, package designing, and finally getting it in stores. 

NHC doesn't do this alone, but uses it's extensive network to find the right person for the job in every situation and brings together the team needed to get the job done. We develop recipes, design packaging, get your manufactured, and help get your product in stores. 

Are you a manufacturer looking for new leads? You are one of the guys we would take a bid from for a project. We work closely with manufacturing to keep you working too! 



All influencers that sign up communicate with our media manager. Most influencers begin with our Mystery Box program, unless otherwise stated. We start out by providing you a mystery box to open for your followers, free of charge, and have you open it for your followers on camera. You get to keep everything you get as long as you let us know what you think about it. 

For all larger influencers, musicians, celebrity influence or influencers that are brand owners, and/or those who pass the mystery box program, are set up for financial sponsorship. All Financial sponsorships are worked out privately between NHC and the influencer. 

As an influencer your likeness and or name may be used to advertise for NHC, obviously. 

Mystery Boxes

Our mystery box program is a one of a kind networking cycle assisting on expanding the reach of brands and new products looking for video or written review. Proper information (printed inserts) are provided by the brand owner to provide the recipient with the information they need for the product. 

Make sure that your product is stand out enough because it will be included in a round of mystery boxes that go out not only to our influencers but to our customers as well should they purchase one. Depending on the size your product will be beside 5 to 12 other products. 

Customers will leave reviews and talk amongst themselves, however influencers will publicly declare whether they do or do not like your product so make sure not to send anything that you are not proud of. 

Our influencers are told to be honest, and they are not paid to lie. If you have a good product you will know about it because my influencers will talk about it once they open it. If your product is not a good product however, that will also be discussed. 

NHC is not responsible for any negative reviews based on a negative review from an influencer. We tell them to be honest, overreact, but be honest. Honesty helps us know who's really selling the best brands and who's not. So we recommend choosing what you feel is your #1 product for any mystery boxes. Brands are able to choose whether they are only in customer mystery boxes or influencer mystery boxes, and finances will be discussed accordingly. For influencer boxes only, products must be provided by the brands however if you are including our customers, financial compensation is supplied.

So free influence and review from people with large Networks, all you do is supply the product and the information. 

However if you're allowing your product to also be in mystery boxes for customers we will compensate you for that. 

You are able to receive video evidence of your unboxings, reviews of your unboxings, and will contact you if the influencers have any suggestions whatsoever.

For influencers, you can sign up for the mystery box program to begin your journey with NHC here. 



Ads go out daily through our ad network Blunt Media. As include customized images and captioning. All ads appear daily on X, Instagram, Facebook and through our advertisers and side sellers. 

Due to us being connected to the extra spoon, service dog headquarters, and NHC you will find ads on multiple accounts. We asked that if you see your products on an ad that you disapprove of you contact us before flagging. Flagging influencers can cause a rift of trouble for everyone involved, if you see an ad you don't approve of let us know and we will take it down without causing any kind of drama or problem with the influencer. 

All ads are geared to bring them to your specific page on NHC and retail sales will educating about your brands. NHC advertises what it has in stock, what is new, the brands we were closest with, and our influencers for free. 

Our free services are paid for by your retail sales and your Partnerships. 


Our slider was originally going to have all of our Brands alphabetically running across the top, however since we keep getting brands updated, leaving, coming and going, we've decided our slider is updated based on newly updated branding. Every time you update us or you update a product and we have to update it on site it will be added to the slider in front. You cannot pay to be on the slider. 


This incentivizes businesses to keep us updated.


Natural Healthy has a pop-up shop and connection to Walmart. We aid in assisting sales and stock through Walmart as well. 

While Walmart is not the first of choice for everybody and they're very specific and special brands, it is where everybody shops and it does show up first on Google. 

For this reason alone some of our newer brands or are bigger brands that are looking to get their names out, have decided to work with us and test the waters when it comes to Walmart and we have decided to help them in this process. 

We have no guarantee that your product will be allowed in walmart, that Walmart will want to stock your product in stores, or if your product will be online only. We do not work for Walmart, we work with Walmart. Our goal is to spread information and news and access. 

You may opt out of this program should you have problems with Jet or Walmart.