Become a Handmade Vendor

Interested in becoming a vendor for Service Dog Headquarters?


We'd Like to hear from you!


How do you become a vendor?

To become a vendor, simply, shoot us an e-mail at with the following information:

Your Name, What you Sell, Your Location, Your Facebook link, Your Contact Information, and Pictures of your products.


What do I need to become a vendor?

You'll be asked for your name (check!), email, paypal email to send payments, pictures, descriptions, options and prices of your products for sale and a good attitude and love for your items!


What does it cost to sell on Service Dog Headquarters?



How does it work?

We ask all of our vendors to understand that they are selling to other disabled people that can't afford crazy pricing either. We ask they calculate the cost of supplies + fair labor = vendor price. Service Dog Headquarters then adds a small upcharge to the final price, like retail. This way everyone gets a fair price, vendors don't have to pay and we can stay running.


I thought you were a nonprofit? 

We are! We don't charge for any services and the owner does not profit off of sales. All upcharges are kept in the business account to pay for the website and other costs of running a business. 


How do I know it's safe?

You will be forwarded a sale receipt. This will tell you what and where to ship, but also ensure you that the order has been paid. Once you provide a tracking number/proof of shipment to our staff, your profits including shipping costs, will be released to you. 


What if I change my mind?

Let us know to remove your ads asap. You will still be responsible for any of your open orders.


Do you turn down vendors?

No, generally we will ask you to change or improve something before selling, but we won't turn you down. If you refuse or take offense to constructive criticism, then we've had to tell vendors they didn't belong with us. However, this is only in extreme cases when we've had to ensure the quality of our products and safety for those who purchase and use them.


... but, I have more questions!

Send them to

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