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YOUtube is DONE with YOU! Shane Dawson & Jake Paul Predict the End of Youtube?

Posted by Kimber Mc for Natural Healthy Hemp and CBD on Jul 24th 2018

YOUtube is DONE with YOU! Shane Dawson & Jake Paul Predict the End of Youtube?

It's no surprise to anyone who may follow us on any social medias that we're largely involved in Blunt Media and it's reopening before the end of the year. That said, aren't experts on any type of media and do not work at Youtube or Google. Everything in this entry is pure speculation but we predict YOUtube may be done with you... and soon force you to stop "broadcasting yourself."

However, we keep it no secret that we sponsor youtubers and influencers for honest reviews and due to this have an entire division of our company, including mostly reporting volunteers, designated to youtubers, social media, and influencers as a whole. We're incredibly involved and hands on not only when it comes to our sponsored youtubers but involved sponsors and partners from the platform. You're not here for that, though. You're here for the features ruffled on twitter. Most likely you've seen the title or seen a retweet and that's why you're here. You can't wait to @ us on twitter and tell us just what you think. We know. We'd love to hear from you. 

That said, we do watch and know others who work within the industry and knowing what we do and what we've seen, we worry that Youtube and influencer marketing as a whole is doomed to fail sooner than later. What with the Pewdiepie situation, demonetization, "ad friendly content" demands, raising subscriber count needed to livestream or monetize your channel, blacklisting and more, political and topical bias, channel terminations, absolutely no customer service and blatant lies we're still confused as to why it's not become blatantly clear, that youtube attempt to move to a Netflix-like service where "you" play a second fiddle to "RED" shows. That is if you're allowed to keep your channel. 

So go somewhere else.

Let's explore that, and we have. What we found is that Google and Facebook have a digital duoplogy, controlling most of the online advertising market. Facebook holds a whole list of it's own business issues such as non-existant customer service, taking money for accounts they have deleted, fraud, and it's own inconsistent TOS it's a difficult business to work with. The government pulled Mark Zuckerburg in for questioning due to the sites it's ability to steal your personal information and promising a product or service it doesn't deliver, while wrongfully censoring whatever it wishes for no reason whatsoever, leading to a bigger problem when it comes to free speech.

Below see "Louder with Crowder" host, Stephen Crowder, discuss his personal complaints and lawsuit involving Facebook and censorship, similar to our common problems with facebook. 

So what does all that have to do with Shane Dawson and Jake Paul? Well, it leaves Google, whom owns Youtube, to get out message out to as many people as easy as possible. If Youtube is changing and buying shows, networks and celebrity, don't you think those in the know would begin to change? Surely certain celebrities made on that platform  have they already displayed signs of doing so, and we warned all of you. 

It started ironically with Jake's brother, Logan Paul and his illegal use of an untrained service animal that initially caused us to speak out. We worry about silicon valley celebrity and 1600 Vine collabs that began the trend of e-celeb  idol houses the likes of Team 10 and Faze Clan, who's members seem untouchable and able to do no wrong.That is until the members start leaving and you begin to lose your "clout" by losing team members or losing views, thus losing your special benefits of being a top level youtuber, being put in trending, the best ads, most money, Google preferred, partnered with collab for copyright, automatically monetize and have a multi-channel network protecting you.

Unless you're Pewdiepie. Yes, Felix, (Pewdiepie on Youtube and Twitter,) one of the top youtubers in the world. He rarely makes any ad revenue, in fact, many blame him for youtube's "adpocalypse" though, for reasons we can't mention here, we know is not the case. 

Youtube, expecting to use Pewdiepie as a patsy so they can pick and choose who they had to pay and use to advertise their platform and Felix (Pewdiepie) just isn't enough of a suck up for them to want him or his type of content around their precious network. Felix makes jokes that some may find offensive, but that's kind of the point of comedy. While doing everything he possibly can to change his channel per youtube specifications, it still seems youtube has him on a sort of shadow ban list when it comes to informing his subscribers, access to trending, and of course advertising and monetization. He's even lost his youtube RED series, something Jake Paul recently mentioned obtaining himself, while speakling on filming his new talk show in May.

It's interesting to note that in regards to Jake Paul's new show, Gavin Purcell will executive produce the pilot. Purcell produced Late Night with Jimmy Fallon before working as head of video for The Verge’s parent company, Vox Media; whom recently was handed over $25 million dollars that youtube claimed they couldn't afford to pay their creators. Youtube says this is the effort to monitor fake news but in reality who fact checks and determines these things. As we have seen with Pewdiepie, leaving it up to public opinion still would leave opinions split. So what's really going on here?

Vox is a media company, much like our Blunt Media, only with near opposite values. For starters, we're transparent. We never claim to be news. Vox's website doesn't really either, their company opening statement being:


       "Vox Media is a prestigious modern media company that believes in the power of going deeper to connect with global, passionate, curious audiences. Through our authoritative house of brands, commitment to developing standout technology, and high-fidelity advertising, we are shaping the future of journalism and entertainment."

Journalism and entertainment? Media? How will this be preventing fake news and what does this have to do with Shane and Jake?!

While scouring the internet we came across a newer commentator, iNabber. His video reminded us that absolutely nothing has been fixed from Tanacon. You know, the huge scam a spoiled brat put on as a middle finger to vidcon and got away with it while harming thousands of people financially and in the California heat. Remember the outcome of that documentary? We don't either, all we know is Shane thinks everyone messed up and everyone deserves second chances. Her apology was on his channel and he played it out over a 3 part series that made him more money than he's probably made all year. He brings up Jake Paul and Shane's possible destruction of his career, however doesn't think about what this could do to Shane for his fans that pay attention. 

Many of us trust Shane. He's got a pure, sort of endearing manner to him. He's all inclusive, mostly family friendly, and represents the average person. He's perfect to represent YOU... tube... but are your viewers that easily entertained, Shane?

The time has come for Youtubers to realize that without their fans they are nothing. When youtube crashes, who are you? What are you? Who clicks, watches, buys? Your fans. Lately it seems youtubers have forgotten those that got them to where they are and it's causing fanbases to collapse. To make it you need to stick with your fans and fellow youtubers, not bow to a platform that uses you and abuses most of its users. 

This video brought our attention to the topic of Jake and Shane creating a collaborative documentary. In it he says Jake has a chance at destroying what's left of Jake Paul's career with Shane Dawson revealing Jake as a bad person and Hollywood plant. In 2018, his main relevance is based on a fight where he once again shadows his older brother Logan.Shane Dawson's reputation probably is the opposite the Paul brother's, so why collab with them? Shane's fans have cried out on twitter about how the Paul's don't deserve the mention, they don't want the series, this isn't "Shane." However we must mention this isn't the first time.

While searching for Shane on google it's very clear he's paid to clean up his online reputation due to the... ads to... clean up your reputation on google when you type in his name. Not to mention, everyone seemingly forgetting the pedophile scandal revolving around Shane Dawson and Jake Paul's manager. Everyone is calling back to Tanacon, the failure of a con which he neatly wrapped up in a series of monetized videos, which comes in three parts on Dawson’s channel, that go into detail with footage about how the event went down the way it did. The series however leaves viewers wanting more. Many have come out to complain that Shane really let Tana off easy considering her scamming thousands of people and his documentary didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know. It was a fluff piece and his followers deserve better, his credibility deserves better.

You can view one of our favorite commentators, Petty Paige, discuss the whole story below.

So Shane did a documentary on Tana and now Jake? What is this new content causing complaints and fans to lose faith in Shane Dawson? What about the Paul's? They're dishonest and we can't expect that to change for Shane. So why is Shane suddenly collabing with less than desirable people? Is it even Shane's idea? Is this an expose on Jake or is this a new service provided by Shane Dawson? INabber brings us one view, that this documentary this may ruin Jake's career.

Do you agree with INabber? Do you feel maybe this is a way to give Jake a boost in relevancy?

Shane Dawson isn't new to the limelight, having a best selling novel and feature film, recently appearing as the emoticon on the recent interview on No Jumper, due to his intense facial reactions while quietly being interrupted by Fouseytube, another failed con creator who's documentary is being done by DramaAlert creator, Keemstar. Ahh, yeah. That series went amazIngly well, it made a lot of money and got a lot of views and I'm sure that had a lot to do with it's inspiring Keemstar to change content direction.

Conspiracy theory, another avenue Shane has traveled, now we have one for him! We think this is simply a new series and service Shane Dawson is providing to youtubers that mutually benefits the creators. Much like Ice Poseidon and the CX Network of streamers Ice helps to succeed with a boost from his extremely large and dedicated fanbase, Shane is providing a service for youtubers facing irrelevance or scandal. Shane may go easy on him, much like Tana, which I predict would completely destroy whats left of dignity and respect everyone has for Shane, ironically ruining his career in the process instead. 

What do you think is happening with Shane? Has he sold out to Vox Media or began selling a service to youtubers the likes of Drew Monson, Garrett Watts, assisting boyfriend Ryland Adams, his sister Morgan Adams, Bobby Burke, Bunny (Grav3yardGirl), and then Tana and now Jake? Do you notice a pattern? 

While we love Shane we do worry as he seemed to be the last honest youtuber of his size, the last chance we as viewers and creators have against Vox and Youtube. We fear he sold out to the media and that's why this service type series, probably to creators on a partner network.Shane will never see this, but if he does, we urge him to think before releasing a documentary that will bring nothing more than attention to someone who doesn't deserve it from fans who are begging you not to do so. Who do you create videos for? Your fans or your media manager whom can't even clean up behind themselves when they pay to remove pedophile and negative allegations about you from the internet? 

Is this what youtube has become? The bowing down and collabing of very few people most of us are sick of seeing and a trending tab that might as well be called "featured on Fox?" 

Youtube used to be our escape from the corporate media and television but we predict that's exactly what it's turning into. Youtube doesn't realize will cause it's viewers and money to leave. Youtube is already getting rid of it's creators without realizing we're the viewers and the advertisers, we know WSJ partners with Vox and they have the same political bias, and we see Youtube unable to be contacted for some users simply deleting their channel and never speaking to them again, while Logan had his little scandal and got ads removed... for a few days... poor millionaire. 

Is this the new way to apologize on youtube? Is youtube done with YOU? What do you think?

What do you think? We want to know. Contact us on Twitter! @CBDHealthy

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