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Cannapresso: Air Mask Mesh Nebulizer

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Cannpresso designed and created the first and only product combination CANNAPRESSO mesh nebulizer + CBD water in the world. CANNAPRESSO mesh nebulizer uses ultrasound tech at 130KHz frequency Vibration through an atomizer to create a fine mist of 2.5 to 5 microns, without the use of heat or combustion.. The key technology is to combine the mesh technology of CANNAPRESSO specific mesh nebulizer (patent pending product of FDA 510K test standard medical device), which will perfectly preserve CBD natural bioactivity and make people rightly feel the natural and original CBD vitality and obtain a glowing vigour. CANNAPRESSO mesh nebulizer + CBD water is a breakthrough in the cannabis field and is the purest way to inhale CBD, to date.

 -- Please note Cannapresso Nebulizers can only be used with the Cannapresso Nebulizer CBD Water --

Product Parameter:

Model Air Mask
Power Supply DC4.8V lithium cobaltate battery or Micro USB 5.0V
Power Consumption <2W
Battery Life The remaining capacity keeps more than 80% of the initial capacity after 3000 cycles of use.
Nebulilzation Rate 0.25ml/min~0.45ml/min
MMAD 3.0μm~4.0μm
Medication Cup Capacity 6ml max
Working Frequency 110kHz士10kHz
Power Indication Sufficient: the idicating light keeps lightingInsufficient: the indicating light keeps flashing
Auto-off Automatic shut-Off after 10 minutes of use
Working Environment Temperature: min -10℃~max 50℃Air humidity: max 80% RH
Storage Temperature: min -40℃~max 80℃Air humidity: max 93%RH
Device Weight 107g (including batteries)
Device Dimensions 52 (W) mm * 53(L)mm * 140(H)mm
Accessory Life Medication cup: 1yearMask: 1yearNote: Shall be replaced due to daily use frequency.



Main Feature

1. Small and uniform particles; better absorption

2. Unique metal adaptor 
Suitable for using eye drop bottle to increase the medication cup capacity

3. Special design for atomized eye drops 
The medication can deliver to the deep area of the cornea. rapidly relieve dry eye problems.


User Guidance of Air Mask:

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