The Extra Spoon is entirely based around charity, advocacy and activism. For spoonies, by spoonies means that without all of us coming together, we wouldn't be able to accomplish all the miracles we do every day.

We are a first.

We hope to inspire.

Pass it forward.

Pay it back.

Positive Vibes

Help bring the UNITY back to CommUNITY, at a time we need it most.

The Extra Spoon is a not for profit organization owned, operated and ENTIRELY FUNDED by the disabled community. We are able to continue our mission to bring everyone together and make the world a better place, by providing easier access to a better quality of life through tested products and our charity and fundraising efforts. All proceeds go towards service dogs, The Extra Spoon website and overhead, Natural Healthy CBD, and disability advocacy.

If you think you know a charity or organization that needs our help, contact us at

Below is our list of current fundraisers, charities, 501c organizations, and activism opportunities that work with The Extra Spoon, along with a bit about them and how you can help!



Get your donation bar here.
DONATE directly to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network here.

The Extra Spoon has teamed up with Autistic Self Advocacy Network to #breakthemold for autism acceptance! 
Get your ASAN Donation Heart and for every purchase we will donate $1 or more to Autistic Self Advocacy Network!

Get yours today! Now offering #hemp and #cbd options! 

Please visit the Autistic Self Advocacy Network at!


Please take a moment to check out these amazing 501.3c (if in the USA) charities that we support! Click an image to donate directly to them! We promote direct donating as an option to 3rd party fundraising. At each site below, you can learn about the charities we support and work with, or send your love and support directly!











The Extra Spoon is run entirely by volunteers and donations, along with the support of sponsors and spoonies... for spoonies. We could never do it without your support. 

We accept donations of all kinds. 
Extra gear? Someone needs it. 
Got some stuff laying around? We recycle.
Time to volunteer? We could use some shares and advertising.
Want to donate a product incentive for fundraising? 
Contact us!

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