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GRAV: Ionix Vaporizer

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Another Groundbreaking Grav Product

The Ionix Vaporizer from Grav Labs is a unique concentrate-only vaporizer. The round base makes it very functional for tabletop use at home, yet it’s small enough to fit inside a backpack to take with you on a trip into the woods (or to a dinner party). If you are looking for something inexpensive to replace a noisy torch and messy tools, look no further. The Ionix Vaporizer is easy to clean and ready to dab in seconds! One of the coolest features on this vaporizer is it's triple atomizer system. That's right, 3 Atomizers on 1 Pen! Fire one at a time for smaller tasty dabs. You could even put different flavors in each atomizer, offering unparalleled flexibility in your vaping experience! Or fire all 3 at once for super thick vapor clouds, creating the largest hits of any portable vape on the market!

The Inoix features 3 distinct sections: The base (which houses the lithium ion battery), the mid-section (which houses the 3 distinct atomizers) and the Borosilciate glass neck and mouthpiece (which are styled after a traditional tube bong). 


What's In The Box?

Ionix Vaporizer

Borosilicate mouthpiece

Cleaning spoon

12 x replacement coils

Micro USB cable

Wall charger

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