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 Our Medipawz is created by Hemperpedic with help from The Extra Spoon and Service Dog Headquarters crafted for Natural Healthy CBD. Handlers love the ability to protect their pups paws without the use of booties or chemically charged medicines. Dogs everywhere are using  this product and are in love with the new hemp and CBD charged versions for the added healing and protection benefits as well as giving dogs feet relief from all day work. 

Medipawz all natural paw butter is made to help heal cracks and cuts, moisturize dry skin, protect against infection, bacteria and fungus, as well as form a barrier between your pups paws and the harsh elements. Medipawz is the FIRST OF IT'S KIND created for and by service dog handlers with dogs that go against the grain and didn't want to wear boots or protective foot gear while braving the winters in salted Chicago streets. Normal paw wax will heal any infections but a service dog doesn't get the down time to heal like a pet would. 

The creators at Hemperpedic designed a one of a kind balm that creates a hard shell when exposed to the cold and return to a moisturizer when your dogs paws have warmed back up allowing salt to fall off your pups paws instead of to be absorbed into and burn your dogs pads. Should your dog get a burn, it will heal that right up and even help prevent burns on heated blacktop (but please don't keep your barefoot dogs on exposed blacktop.)

While magical in it's own right, its still entirely natural and non-toxic.



But not to cats... cats are weird.




In all seriousness, cats have a weird reaction to essential oils and since your cat may be one of those cats, we'd rather your cat be safe than make a sale. There's plenty of safe alternatives for your cat here.



Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Cannabis Sativa L. Oil, Cannabidiol Crystalline (Full Spectrum),Lavandula, Natural Fragrances


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Disclaimer: Just like with humans, results may vary! This product is not designed for protection against extreme temperatures!