Legal Illinois Cannabis - Top 5 Dangers of Doing it Wrong in Chicago

Legal Illinois Cannabis - Top 5 Dangers of Doing it Wrong in Chicago

Posted by Kimber Mc, CEO on Jan 9th 2020

As the second week of 2020 is coming to an end, its become very apparent that Illinois has no idea what it's doing when it comes to marijuana legalization, most likely because Illinois dispensaries don't care much about green they care more about just the money. Is patients over profits truly done better in the CBD industry than that of total legalization or is it just Illinois, as usual, dropping the ball on its civilians? Let's find out five major blunders having us asking, what the **** are they doing with all the money we've been giving them in medical taxes for the past 10 years gone to?

If you're at all familiar with Natural Healthy CBD you'll be familiar with the many helpful things they do for their local, national, and even international communities. From secret shopper missions, dispensary tours, data audits, disability advocacy and education, we don't shy away from a challenge. It's often hard to walk the line during this time of legalization because half of people will always think you're a rat, the other half won't quite know what the catch, if there is a catch. We feel our moral compass to guide us to the sick and the people who need a fair fight but aren't given even playing fields but still stand up to with a scream and try.

No one is on your side, my side, anyone's side because there are no sides. There are sick people and not sick people. We try to understand every side and have learned a lot over the years. We've always been patients, but we're not victims. We're a business but we're not greedy. We're in medicine, kinda, but not diagnosing and we're not paid a kickback every time we prescribe this over that. We're disabled with jobs. We love animals but not like that. We have service dogs that are still learning during laws and medical change, hell, world change. So when people decide they can't play nicely with one another it makes it hard for us to know who's in the right and who has more than enough playing field. That's why it's hard to step between business and patient when the government just give us these toys, and you broke them. You broke them Illinois. This is why we cant' have nice things, er laws, in illinois.

1. No One's checking These People

Illinois, specifically Chicago, is the criminal capital, illegal gun capital, drug capital, crime capital of the world.

I'm sure from out of state it sounds like the law is easy here to get away from, that's not it either. We have, or had in marijuana for as long as I'm willing to tell you I've been in the industry, self regulated crime. I know that's not a good start but just listen for a moment and understand the we're nearing the end of prohibition. The end. Have you met someone that hasn't tried marijuana? Not very many. Self regulation. We all did our own little thing in our own little areas and we share what we can and mellow out, man.

That's why I can tell you other than collecting the money and stamping the licenses there's no one checking these places. They heard we're pretty gangster over there in California and Colorado, so who's going to tell on the weed man? We will. Most of us with medical licenses were treated like druggies with a fix and still are in many instances. Just to give all that away would be against the point, no?

The first day marijuana was legalized, there were lines around the block, venders with felonies, and the weed magically grew, was cut, dried, packaged, and delivered overnight because there was a lot of it. A lot of it is now gone again, even with those legal limits.Unless you're a patient, then what weed? Ha ha, there was never any weed!

2. Laws for thee! I have money!

These dispensaries aren't used to patients fighting back, not in Illinois it seems. That or they must think all of us are fat, lazy, stupid people that can't work because even though I hold a position of CEO even the lowest level bud tenders have shown me disrespect, as a paying customer AND patient. They make sure that you know about the lines they have to cross to provide... for you. Aww!

Thing is, every time we've seen cresco or revolution buy a place the service AND product goes INSTANTLY downhill. Every time and I've witnessed them buy out 3 now. Maybe they should spend more money on their seeds or something. We know they can because they don't spend it on background checks. We'd say this was a law thing, but it's not. You still can't work in a dispensary having just walked out of prison but wouldn't you know it.

Now, all of you know that I come off a little harsh, especially when pushed into a corner by people who do it to intimidate me. Maybe it's because I work and industry from a city littered with criminals that have learned intimidation or maybe my relationship with my dad I don't know. What I do know is when online want to be celebs attempt to gaslight and stalk me, I gaslight and stalk back. Call it a defense mechanism, or maybe horrible trait but need when it comes to getting into the mind of real scumbags like the kind that buy no-tested product to sell as product from another place or those selling stuff illegally made because they didn't know there was more than one kind of oil or when they join a dispensary to set it up for a robbery, or when people start dying from bad vape carts and mold maybe the powers that control that kinda thing will take care of it.

Now, I'm not a journalist and I don't share identities, I just think they should invest in background checks in 2020 if they don't want to invest in lawsuits. Looking at you Mindful. Earthmed... you're next.

3. Lawsuits

Lawsuits! There's already three of them! Ones even a class action!

Now, I've been in the industry a while and while I really, honestly tried to knock some sense into these people having worked with their parent companies for years now, or the industry, or patient advocacy and medical, or service dog law or literally any of the many hats I fill my time with (...thanks to CBD) or I've warned dispensaries I have to go to of what I do, they'll still do whatever they want because you don't have money. You're sick and you're a cripple, okay? You don't have real people money. At least it might as well sound that way with the way they've stacked up on the lawsuits. In fact, people started reporting to me thinking I knew to go about obtaining one.

Now, it wouldn't be fair transparency if we didn't mention one of them to be ours. Sadly, that's all I really can say because a lot of people have been coming forward and I think I'm going to stay quiet for a little bit. However, our friend Service Dog Paws doesn't have to stay quiet about the screencaps that were posted by Service Dog Headquarters posted from Mindful Dispensary to our Service Dog Training Log for Gotham and that is just the start of the bullshit I've gone through since people found out I was successful in CBD distribution and in fact, we've been informed they've been threatening our friends, but again... I'd like to stay quiet for a moment while I collect more information.

Gee thanks, Dom!

Say, did I also mention how I work in media and know about the websites being used by these kinds of people? I didn't?! We'll you see, the owner of these sites has been having people harass me for months but because we're unsure if he still works for or owns one of the dispensaries under investigation we'll say that pretending to be people isn't nice and threatening that people better never come to Chicago, when they aren't afraid of you and live here, also not a good idea.

4. Harboring Medicine from Patients

I know the look of a dispensary about to sell out. Everything goes away and becomes one brand for a little bit. That's how it happened with 3C and now Aurora with Mindful, IL in Addison and even our current site of investigation, EarthMED. We knew about the limit they've placed on their customers claiming it to be the cultivators who I've spoken to, all of them, there's no shortage. In fact, the only place with that two concentrate cap... is EarthMED.

That's why I find it so weird that they have products from October since our shortage started in Novemeber. Could it be to sell to recreational people at a higher price or maybe its because they're selling it illegally? I'll get back to you. I'm literally STILL taking in complaints.

Check out the public post about it. This is me, because I don't want you to threaten and intimidate sick people anymore courtesy of your family owned dispensary.

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"We're out of weed for medical patients," they said. "Only two medical products, *they said. "We're almost out, totally low on product," they said. How are #recreational #customers that pay 33% more getting this Today if you've been out of stock or low in stock for #illinoismedicalcannabis #patients since December? @earthmed (this is not my picture but I don't want to tag who's it is because I don't want to dox them or get them penalized for reporting to @vigilantecannabis)

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It's not the cultivators, but we feel like it's odd how long the owners of EarthMED have been harboring medicine, most likely to sell to recreational patients, who spend on average $33 more than medical patients.

We'll be sure to keep you up to date on legal dispensaries, behaving well for the right reasons and doing the right thing with real labs and honest people and you concentrate on getting better. We can't fix all these problems ourselves. For now if you've been intimidated by remember how their intimidation of people not only is just words, and it's done happening.

5. Shane Gentry and Vincent Nicotra

Vincent Nicotra is a problem. 

Grab your tinfoil hats for a moment with me because this one's a doozy. Over the past six months I've been on an audit to a case I detailed for the FTC regarding Google's wrongful ban of legal hemp ads. Much like the Hemp Industry Association did with their Timesquares ad to catch the attention of Facebook admins, it's much hard to grab their attention if their email and social media is guarded by their new hire, untrained pet dog owner, Vincent Nicotra. 

It's bad enough he threatened and harassed me, but he used my own family. He got into my friends list, made fake

Vincent Nostraprofiles, fake companies, fake profiles, all to set others up with friend, Angel "Janis." It wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't forced to listen to twitch, discord voice chats, youtube videos and livestreams. Furthermore, because he'd studied me and my friends list, I was forced to listen to them mock me with personalized insults about my weight, my seizures, being raped, having my children taken, past abuse, a trusted flagger admit to gaslighting and stalking, a dispensary worker admitting to finding and running someone's debit card without their permission, doxxing paypal users, harassing porn stars and how they were going to frame people for it. 

I've seen people other than me suffer far worse. I've overheard it as a hunt for mental illness which, check. Others claim a legion, a group of people set to out people for making false allegations... unless the allegation of the allegation is false. I actually went to someone in this legion, someone I once held a lot of respect for. I sent him pictures of being threatened of being doxed and projecting... a lot. See Vincent likes to use the same couple insults like Lazy and if you show people he'll claim libel or slander. While Shane Gentry aka Spaceboy was playing character Norm, someone who suffers from a seizure disorder, Vincent was also playing in my information. Vincent got a job at a dispensary, my dispensary, Mindful dispensary where he continued to dig through my personal friends and attempt to sell them PLANTBASED or oneplant cbd, CBD products that never passed inspection and we do not sell due to failed labs in some weird MLM type of deal that I'm getting accused of but should ask Shane about. 

So, Vincent was feeding all my information back to a bunch of strangers on the internet to use against me for god knows what but I wasn't alone. If you've applied for a business license in hemp or cannabis, or you've ever purchased it, he's got you too. 

This man attempted to ruin careers like Petty Paige and Nick Schneider, in fact pitting us all against each other. He mass flags, scams, and lies then accuses others for it. I've been told that they'll use CBD Piggy to get in, whatever that means and not only told I've cost someone money and will never work in the industry again by Tommy C, but they threatened others as well in an effort to control the creative space. They're even threatening me using the name of my own father because they're to pathetic to use their own, but that is something for another time. I'm not sure what that has to do with medical or moral benefit. I've witnessed people become suicidal, relapse, I've lost friends, was mocked for my federal service dog rights, I was banned from my dispensary for having a service animal, threatened by to shut the fuck up, kept up countless nights, had my ex abuser contacted and then stalked by a legion I didn't know existed of people I respected. When I went to protect them and tell them what was happening, I was asked for proof of where some other dude asked to touch me 2 years ago because they don't associate with false allegations, of which there are none, because people who don't expect to accuse people of thing don't have every time they've rejected sex on video. This is worth two years of stalking from someone you sponsored. This sort of feels like you're going after sexual assault victims or women who speak up to force them to change their story. Classy.

That said, it concerns me that this lunatic has total access to the biotrak system with everyone's private information of which they're using to find, neigh set up pedophiles, for Chris Hansen.

I know, that's the crazy part. This man who mocked everything from my seizures to getting "throat fucked" is in charge of children that are victim of sexual predators. This man, has all your personal information and has been threatening and doxing celebrities and youtubers for god knows how long, the guy mocking and harassing sexual assault is in charge of the child victims on Hansen vs Predator

Don't take my word for it, I'm just going to let trusted creators of the Youtube space and the city of Chicago explain it to you.

Not to mention he dug through my friends, their friends, your friends, we're friends at this point. We all said and did some stupid stuff in the name of protecting ourselves and for that, I take responsibility and am truly sorry for my part. I'm very protective of my business and the partnerships, I've made and this guy has come between that, I have half a mind to wonder if there's anything else illegal being done at Mindful since Vincent works there and they hire felons. I'll keep you updated on that, and the current investigation and dispensary secret shop mission, now that I know Vincent won't manipulate it. I leave you with this video by Baked Salmon once again about this criminal working for Mindful and Chris Hansen because it was his channel that first was wrongfully flagged and taken down during the audit. I'm sorry it took me so long to see what was going on.

Please support each other and if you stream, don't be an asshole. Maybe you're not getting sponsors because you think it's funny to talk about their rape and throatfucking them and how abusive that must be for them mentally because you don't know who really is listening on that audit. 

If I can say one last thing out of court, I hope Nick and Paige wipe the fucking floor with you, because I'm going to.

For real products by real people or to sell yours, you know the place.

For ada law visit our new infopage here.

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