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What is Delta-8 and Why Won't We Sell It?

Posted by Vendetta Rangler for Blunt CBD Media on Apr 1st 2021

What is Delta-8 and Why Won't We Sell It?

There's a reason why Natural Healthy CBD, the company that sells nearly every CBD product in the country that passes a lab test, won't follow the new phase of Delta 8 THC or Delta 9 CBD.

Short Answer:

No, we don't carry Delta-8 because its THC and illegal for us to sell.

We list unedited lab results and try to be one of the pillars of the CBD industry proving we can do this right, within the law, and everyone can get their income legally. Many follow our lead and depend on us financially and for information and product trade. It’s not a risk for us to take.

Long Answer:

"We won't even touch it," says CEO Kimber McIntyre. "We don't want it, we're not interested, I don't want to sample it, I don't care how to clean you think it is. We don't want anything to do with synthetics here. Nature knows better."

What does that even mean?

Well, there's no need for tinfoil hats just yet.

We have actually found that most payment gateways in Federal Banking institutions (FDIC Regulated) do not accept Delta 8 in their sales rosters as well, which would mean our entire store could be shut down or we’d have to sell it under the radar.

Until the law and science catches up, we do not wish to take the risk.

What is even the difference?! Cbd is cbd!

Yes, technically, but nature is also relatively scientific. All of us are different codes of genes, atoms, and DNA. So a plant's code or their chemical structure, it describes its species, it's look, it's family, and its genetic code just like it would with a human. That's why in nature she knows how many plants would have to die to create that kind of bloom in a market, and it just wouldn't be possible without it being aided with synthetics.

It's not just a Nature thing though, there's actual scientific facts backing this decision. Not to mention, the process of synthetically creating cannabinoids is expressly forbidden by law as per the DEA final ruling, the question of synthetically derived forms of THC is no longer a question as that explicitly addresses the issue in the statement:

"The (2018 Farm Bill) does not impact the control of status of synthetically derives tetrahydrocannabinoids (for Controlled Substance code number 7370) because the statutory definition of temp is limited to materials that are derived from the plant Cannabis sativa L for synthetic leader arrives tetrahydrocannabinol, the concentration of D 9 - THC is not a determining factor in whether the material is a controlled substance. All synthetically derived tetrahydrocannabinoids remain schedule 1 controlled substances.''

It would seem that delta-8 as a market has taken over for CBD, however that that could not be more wrong. 

In a recent interview, Josh Swider from infiniteCAL shared his insight into this novel new product rapidly gaining popularity. After testing nearly 2,000 samples in 2020 he can attest that the number of products increases, so the number of producers increases as well. With a PhD in analytical chemistry, this is deeply concerning for Swider as he understands the challenges of producing Delta 8 THC.

Additionally, he explained in no uncertain terms; there's no gray area with Delta 8, "synthetically producing any tetra-hydro cannabinoids is absolutely federally illegal and creates a schedule 1 controlled substance."

Creating delta 8 THC is a federal crime.

In the natural world, hemp and the cannabis plant only produce tiny amounts of Delta 8 THC. The amount is so minuscule that there could never be enough to create the bloom in this market, therefore producers are synthetically creating the compound in a lab, Swider suggests.

Swider explained the process in detail stating, “companies are selling Delta 9 distillate and vape carts, synthetically creating Delta 8 by converting cannabinol AKA CBD isolate into delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or converting into Delta 8 Tetra Hydro cannabinol so the material and the vape cart that claims to be 90% Delta 8 TetraHydrocannabinol was not extracted from a plant; somebody in a lab has created it."

"We literally made our name on the market by providing the public with lab tests, updated results, COA, and verification promising them our products are safe to use for every occasion. We have people that are allergic to THC itself. We have truck drivers in pain that are drug tested every other week. We have people that are trusting us to give them exactly what we say that we're going to give them so whether it shows up as a synthetic, as THC, or as a contaminant, we simply can't put it on our Market space, " Natural Healthy CBD CEO, Kimber states. "We are not our brands but more like a family. In fact some of us are blood related. Some of us hate each other. I can not speak for others and their websites. I can state what I sell responsibly here because I verify it myself and with so many 3rd parties you'd think me insane. I do it because I made a promise to do it and my customers need to be guaranteed they won't fail a drug test. Within the market labeling a product as THC free helps to ensure customers that it's legal, non-psychoactive, and they won't have a reaction or dirty drug test with it, but seeing multiple Delta 8 products online labeled "THC-free" or "hemp-derived" is both false and misleading. Much like spice or K2 it's misleading to customers not to identify these products have been made in a lab instead of extracted from a plant. Tinfoil conspiracy theories or not, it's even more misleading to claim that the product is THC free when tetrahydrocannabinol is the actual name of the compound in question being sold."

Swider Agrees, "Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol from cannabinol isolate is extremely difficult; it's nearly impossible to completely separate the Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol from delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol through distillation. The only companies would seem to have success with this conversion take additional chromosome tography steps after distillation to renovate the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol from the batch of the product. "

Purity and Safety is a Priority.

< 1% of the 2, 000 samples tested last year came back as pure Delta 8 THC, and most contained more delta-9 THC then reported.

In fact of 1,500 concentrate samples tested cross tested by infiniteCAL and Natural Healthy, a mere six samples tested compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

Results came back "looking like a rainforest," Swider quotes about the numerous Peaks on the Chromatographic Spectrum representing a larger arrangement of unknown compounds.

"It doesn't even show up as THC in a lab test. It doesn't show up as CBD either. This shows up as an unnatural contaminant and that's how we will treat it." Kimber concurs.

"The vape crisis was caused be people doing dirty chemistry in their garage and no one checking to see if it's safe [except for Natural Healthy CBD]. There's a reason drug manufacturers don't hand out non-tested products to Consumers and stay here, try this out and get back to us in the morning," Swider questioned. "The process of synthesizing delta-8 from CBD is done using hazardous chemicals without the proper manufacturing procedures and clean up, consumers would be inhaling more than they know. We don't even know what's in there. It's a mess of chromatography and it would take half a million dollars and testing to uncover and Natural Healthy CBD doesn't have the means to do that again."

Which is true.

While we're known for the original 150 we're continuing to grow and provide a platform for every avenue of the Cannabis Revolution to flourish fairly for every side of it. We aren't anti THC at all in fact if we could we would sell THC. We keep a lot of smaller economies afloat with our services as apparent by our most recent shutdown. We provide the ability for even those who sell THC from the dispensaries to provide a CBD product that they can legally sell all across the country getting their name out and income in as well as the influencers that they sponsor and the employees that they have. We have a very tight relationship with THC.

The problem is the synthetics and the inability to trace the contaminants that come along with them when they do affect a patient in a negative way. It's not just one patient who is affected by one contaminant, it's in case a contaminant from that garage ends up in our shop and then our wholesalers spreads all across the nation and eventually the world and our ability to cure that ailment without knowing what it is or the customer knowing about it to tell doctors.

“If I can't guarantee my customers safety, if I put a dirty product next to a hardworking new verified brand, I lose a huge part of what sets us apart from everyone else. I'd lose that trust factor that put me on the map in the first place. My conscience and my soul isn't for sale so I simply can't take a risk on something like that because it's not just my risk. It's my customers risks and the risk of the customers of every single store we distribute to. It's a risk to the brands that are shown on a shelf right next to that product that got everybody sick. It's a risk to my Brands being put on a shelf at all next to a product that is subpar to the extreme work and dedication they put into this industry. It's a risk to the health workers as they have to try and figure out what could possibly be wrong or causing the situation happening within their patient and it's the patient's problem for not even having a clue where it came from because they wouldn't even think about it. They would be so used to getting clean and verified products that they wouldn't even consider the products that they're so used to using having a contaminant in it. It's the risk of the people whose jobs require drug tests. It's a risk to the people who have dogs that are sick that they give CBD to and might figure a gummy or something easy like a human pill would be fine for their dog and then find out there's THC in it. It's everybody that uses this site and their risk to and it's not my place to make a decision for every single one of those people that could put them in danger. That's not my decision to make so I simply can't risk it.” Kimber states for Natural Healthy.

Natural Healthy CBD is going to remain Natural, and nothing is natural about synthetically creating a product in a lab to mimic something that nature has already safely provided for us without the added risk.

So why sell D8?

To top cbd or whatever big thing came before it. Greed. We're witnessing what happens when man attempts to replace nature with a synthetic version of itself. Humans begin to die. Those with no souls don't care how many die. It's not the bodies that matter to them. It's the money and power.

 "I've never seen someone damage themselves so much in an effort to save those who don't respect her. That's how you can tell who the real one is. She's science in our brain, she's music in our ears, she's making sure we only put safe things in our mouth and we're killing her at an alarming rate... Like we are the animals, plants and weather in the real nature.

That's not a dream, that's a survival instinct. Nature is fighting back."

A lot of people like to tell me my position or my job or what I do and don't do on a daily basis because they don't understand the amount of mental energy that goes behind a revolution and changing the minds of millions. Even influencers and streamers to this day think that they can just skip the sponsor and everything will go fine. That she's not a source when she in fact is a source of many, many things as we learned this year.

Federal legalization for cannabis is likely just around the corner. With delta 9 THC being the most abundant cannabinoid found in cannabis, we need to create other THC isomers, but it should be left to professional chemists. Delta 8’s reduced psychoactive effect certainly does have a place as an alternative to Delta 9, but emphasis should really be made to fully understand the natural compounds before we start creating and consuming synthetic ones. Customers should always be cautious. That's the point.

We stand with infiniteCAL and think Josh Swider deserves a raise. His first alerting the industry to swindlers and scrupulous producers that shop around for the most beneficial lab report so they can send out their product for testing to three to four different places and keep the results that portrayed them in the most positive wayl as their main lab source. Most of the time it's just some guy in his garage that's easily paid off to say that something passed which is why we've now begun to form relationships with the labs themselves. We work off of every single one of our business partners and when they call out a problem in the industry we see it as our responsibility to attempt to assist them in fixing it or preventing it from causing harm.

Qualifying testing and transparency are critical for consumable products, especially those we inhale. As we've seen last year by the deaths all across the country with the vape crisis, business closures, break ins, bloom of the influencer market, and infection of the scam markets. Yes, your lab test can come back as 90% Delta 8, but who's going to test if that other 10% is something that could literally kill you? Unfortunately, due to the nature of the government, until someone actually gets sick and discovers exactly where the sickness came from, it's unlikely there will be much of a crackdown on a flourishing market by anybody other than the original people who were protecting it in the first place that doesn’t involve total chaos and federal shutdowns.

That's the scary thing.

Who's going to create the product to cause the extreme reverse sweep in the market forcing marijuana to become entirely illegal or government owned for good and how many people's lives will be ruined by that decision? We don't want to find out, so we apologize to the one percent of you that actually have the analytical chemistry education or PhD behind the discovery and development of those products, but we simply aren't able to risk it.

As a trainer of disability and mental stability service animals, Delta 8 is like an untrained service dog. Bringing it into the public might theoretically be safe and go well, but there's a chance that somebody could get hurt and that you could ruin your own reputation all because it's not quite ready yet.

If you still can't understand why the answer is no or "what we benefit" by not supporting delta 8 or certain parties; with the amount of people attempting to profit off us, attempting to go behind backs, those not realizing who's doing what and why before they open up their shady businesses or kicking someone stopped because they're leading you and were just confronted with a threat affects the industry as a whole. Aligning is important, your influence is important, but so is your product and if you're killing the customers, you failed business.

The rest of us actually care about the people that we work with and that work with us and give us the privilege of being their provider. If that doesn't mean anything to you then feel free to sell Delta 8, but to us, there's too many people whose lives would be affected by a decision to take on a risk that great. Therefore, we don't feel it's our decision to make alone and until the lab test on a sample product come back completely clean or the law on selling THC changes, the answer simply has to be no, for now, until we can guarantee the organic origin and the safety and consistency of the product being sold.

Psst... our lawyers wanted us to tell you something: Statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results from products may vary. Products listed on and affiliated social media and merchandise networks are not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease. Product claims are those of the manufacturers and creators and/or not necessarily the statements of The Extra Spoon LLC,, it's owners and/or affiliates.