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What is a Spoonie?

What is a Spoonie

We are everyday people with a little extra ordinary life.
We live our lifes one spoon at a time. When we talk about spoons we talk about our energy or movements, our lively hood.
A Spoonie can be anyone with PTSD, Fibermyaliga, Seizures, PSD, ODD, really any Disorders or Disabilities
Some of use have the need for service dogs while some of us may not have that need all, but we all are one in the same.
We might be able to do everything a non-Spoonie can, but we SURE will try

Being a Spoonie means we are automatically limited from the moment we wake up. While someone in perfect health may be able to not give a second thought to starting their day, we have to measure our days like a recipe when we're short on ingredients. Two spoons to shower, three to walk the dog, realizing we'll need to save our spoons for later in the day too.

While the Spoonie theory is not our own original concept, we like to consider ourselves a place where Spoonies can get items to ease their struggle and give them an EXTRA SPOON.

To better understand the Spoonie theory, check out the chart below. It's helped many to better understand "the Spoonie theory."

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