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Posted by Kimber Mc on Jun 1st 2023


We all know how SEO works and we know how newer businesses in the industry try to mess with each other capitalizing on SEO and Google search results. Therefore, it's pretty apparent to those of us that have been in the game for awhile when somebody is maliciously using your name to spite you.

Today I would like to introduce you to Health Naturally, a company allegedly owned by a family that has stalked me for years and a doctor that's currently under-investigation and how they all connect to each other to commit a crime against not only us at NATURAL HEALTHY but Humanity.

It's very obvious to see that Health Naturally not only came after us at Natural Healthy but very blatantly used our name to confuse our clients into purchasing from them and to try and beat us on Google and with SEO. There's nothing illegal about playing dirty. However, this is only where it starts for health naturally as we share the same communitys and influencer bases. So technically this website is a blatant attempt on my career.

April Morris

First, I noticed in there about section in this April Morris. Now I'm fully aware of the Morris family and their tobacco corporation and I'm very aware of the games they like to play with other people's property online, which was the first red flag. Knowing the Morris family has stalked me for years even to where they harassed me while during a domestic violence situation and throw themselves into my medical health treatment to control me like my ex-boyfriend, and abuser, that they won't let me get away from. Kyndel Morris harassed multiple psychiatrists, multiple health professionals, and even threatened people out of testifying for my custody case against that abuser, so I'm very familiar with this family and their intrusion on people's happy lives. Their power comes from the ability to illegally dig into anybody's medical records and use trauma and torture against them. When they publicized my rape and illegal false imprisonment they decided to have me repeat this trauma so they could benefit off of the agony and I refuse to do so.

Gaslighting tactics of this family are very easy to detect, especially when you have PTSD from this very situation, it sends you to a very dark place so it's easy to pick up on if you've had enough therapy when they drove you to Insanity, cost your child a happy life, put him in the arms of an abuser, using medical marijuana cards as it was all they had against you. That's why I started this business, I didn't want parents to suffer and victims to be punished for something that they're not even doing wrong. For this reason, it would be obvious for me to question the audacity of the Morris family Keeping people down and preventing them from being able to afford Justice for themselves and their children. I think it needs to be discussed considering the medical abuse and malpractice being used to torture innocent business competition that they can't keep up with.

After that little trauma dump was when I noticed and started looking into Dr Gregory Smith MD.It was brought to my attention that Dr Gregory Smith MD is a local doctor. At this time having my current doctor simply disappear off the face of the earth made his profession a little more interesting to me. I had experienced medical manipulation with the Morris family before and the feeling of being trapped, abused and manipulated, unable to trust your own medical providers, is a feeling you don't forget. The red flags and all the signs were there and even influencers that I worked with came forward to tell me something was wrong and even mentioned other doctors in my medical history to prove that my records had in fact been leaked. Now where this would have come from is obvious but I wanted to make sure I was 110% correct before I made any published accusations.

Luckily, I'm in a much better place now than I was the first time when the Morris family made me their victim. I was an utter wreck when they found me discussing domestic abuse, child custody cases, psychology, even imaginary friends, And a cry of an innocent child growing up without their mother because the Morris family doesn't know when they've gone to far but that didn't matter to this family. What mattered was control and power even if that meant fear and terrorizing the innocent.

Being the heirs to a major tobacco Corporation known as Philip Morris and with connections to Amazon and other influential development on the internet, access to Industries like music, movies, vaping, streaming, having siblings in law and psychiatry it's not that hard for them to literally get away with murder. Unless the time the victim was away they spent working for pharmaceutical boards, becoming a medical health advisor to judges, and being able to learn how to sanction a doctor's license, while maintaining and sanitizing the multi-million dollar company they thought they were going to just take without repercussion.

Hatch Aeropay Emails

Aeropay Emails

It was obvious to me that this family would do anything in their power to hold control over people and they were doing everything in their power to get control over me. I’ve been sent poison, calling my doctors attempting to force them to quit, releasing private therapy information to people they shouldn't release it to, manipulating me and gaslighting me with my own medical professionals and it's come to the point where I've had enough. This cannot go on in a fair and just society and system and I'm not going to be a part of it. It wasn't until I caught Aeropay and Daniel Mueller going behind my back to cut off my funds directly to provide FDIC banking to Hatch dispensary that I really started to dig as they then tried to sell me the same platform payments system after shutting mine down, via influencer Ludwig.

Finding SEO intended to take my clients, finding multiple cloned websites with my personal branding on them (See CBDTEAS) and all of them connected to streaming. In fact all of these doctors have influencers kids and loosely are connected to SilkRoad, an illegal dark-web market selling platform. I've heard rumors that one of the doctors they tried to pair me up with was selling heroin on it, the other one Adderall. These doctors had become prone to manipulating your medications forcing you into chemical imbalances to mess with your ability to succeed in the industry then claiming you a write off and manic. 

It started with John McMillan, friends with Pool and TheRalphRetort (who recently married Mei Morris) who likes to sell his t-shirts and claim people are Manic and then take away all their medications - like that's medically accurate. Sheikh reacted the same way with the same gaslighting technique. He told me no one would be my doctor because he’s being investigated by DEA? So why not properly do your job? It had gotten to the point where I needed to bring a witness to my therapy sessions, because if I didn't, the doctor would decide not to be my doctor and abandon me, scream at me like I'm a goddamn criminal or an addict, attempt to make it look like I'm doctor shopping, preventing me from thinking and stealing all of my work so their little CBD brand can catch up and the crazy little patient with ADHD can stay at home and suffer. It has come to a point where I was working for no pay so my doctor's children on ScreenRant (See Terravoid- coming soon) can earn an income on whatever they learn from my medical record that week being harassed by no name individuals online even DDOSing my email. It became hard to function and focus on the task at hand when I'm unable to make an income and my doctors are treating me like a goddamn drug addict. I was being surrounded by government officials, medical professionals and celebrities all willing to point the finger but none willing to lift one.

To maintain some type of control, prove my work, and protect my clients, I shut down the shop temporarily. Meaning I didn't go look for other payment processors considering there were servers upon servers of people whose voices I recognize trying to scam me and get my personal information to sell me alleged banking. There were people trying to steal information and even in my back end and my host people were taking credit for my work. To protect my clients and my business partners I had to get to the bottom of this. I began documenting and noticing tons of fraud and even worked with the government to stop some of it, as I promised I would.

Gregory Smith, MD on Nature

It was then I happened upon an investigation from the office of the Inspector General all about Mr Gregory Smith MD. This investigation detailed Mr Gregory Smith's government position within the oil and royalty gas reserves collection for the government aka RIK. Directions to the Poseidon pipe line, golf terra, and More. The investigation had been started because Mr Smith had been accused of foul play within business from poaching clients to using his government position to further his personal financial gain with the company Geomatrix ran by Tony Daus. It further went on to explain how Mr Gregory Smith had been accused of misappropriating funds, committing fraud, even forcing women Business professionals into sexual acts and telling them not to tell the investigator General about said Acts. It had detailed a pattern of Mr Gregory Smith's Behavior from manipulation, using a position to confuse and cause people into doing things for another cause, business tortes and even drug use and sexual assault, detailing an instance where he would often ask employees to find him cocaine and then force them into sexual acts they don't want to perform. I figured this investigation laid out a very firm platform for an investigation into somebody and thoroughly laid out a pattern of behavior to explain that this is a government employee (at the time) that used his position to get drugs, sex, information and money out of those who he employed. A good old fashioned power abuser. (See full report here.)

So I don't feel after explaining this that I need to explain that it would be dangerous to give personal information and credit card information to this man who is posing as somebody that is connected to my company with the use of his fraudulent website called Health Naturally. If you have fallen for this scam we suggest you report it to your local authorities or to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If you feel you're too afraid to report crime you can always report it to us and we'll see what we can do however we cannot offer refunds based on a company attempting to scam us as well. We can simply warn you to stay away and to tell your friends about how difficult it is to keep this industry clean and safe when there's so many people running around abusing power within it.
Always remember, nature and what she provides our planet has always come before the medical professionals who come in attempt to gain a function of her creations and turn them into devastating and catastrophic events. Those protected by natural immunity weren't even touched by this situation and granted, it's difficult, I hope that those on our side in the industry and correlating industries in the area can see the truth and continue to fight to protect not only this industry and save not only the future of medical marijuana, but our rights to private property and this country and what we're allowing to happen to those who live within it and continue to make the world go round.

Natural Healthy CBD has not and will never partner with out telling you and keeping everyone informed. We have no connection to Health Naturally other than being the sponsor who carried musicians, government officials, and influencers and prevented them from being mined for data while the greedy attempt to cut out the sponsor AND THEIR MAIN SOURCE, affecting everyone. This move of selfishness is met with people who don’t even want to actually do the work, or know what it entails. I worked my ass off for my position, like I’m sure he worked his ass off to be called MD, so we assure you… if his attempt to take our spot moves any further we will be calling in the American Medical Association and the DEA to take away his license by sanctioning him out of medical with a medical malpractice case he won’t win, deliberately making others sick for his own benefit.

More investigations coming soon involving deeper dives and more information to the public.

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