Leaks about Nikki Fried's Connections to the Industry Raises Questions Across the Country

Posted by Kimber McIntyre with Blunt Media on Jan 10th 2024

Leaks about Nikki Fried's Connections to the Industry Raises Questions Across the Country

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried claims to be for the progressive legalization of cannabis. However, whistleblowers from every industry across the country are raising concerns that her, along with fiance, Jake Bergmann, may be abusing their powers within government to actually harm the industry and attempt to monopolize it for her own financial benefit. With elections coming up, this can’t look good for Desantes.

Nikki Fried’s Connections to New Cannabis Company Raise Questions

Nikki Fried

In an article posted Tallahassee Reports by Steve Stewart on March 3, 2021, it was said, “While Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried was taking steps to influence Florida cannabis policy and implement rules that regulate the cultivation of hemp, her fiancee’, Jake Bergmann, created a web of companies with people and organizations that have a professional interest in the cannabis and the hemp industry.”

While we appreciate the report we would have put the word created in quotes, or possibly replace it with a more appropriate word such as stole, copied, or cloned from the very people we act like we’re helping.

Even if Fried’s husband was the sole creator of said hemp and cannabis group, some questions in regards to Fried’s other motives are also raised by her own constituents in Tallahassee.

“Several of the people involved with the businesses have connections to Nikki Fried, including Fried’s father, Ronald Fried. Also, one of the companies is registered at Fried’s personal residence.” The Tallahassee Reports continued. “Another company is registered at the address of The Rubin Group. The Rubin Group donated $5,000 to Fried’s PAC in 2018 and is the registered legislative lobbyist for the medical marijuana company originally founded by Bergmann.”

So what we have is a commissioner of agriculture, only concerned about marijuana… and not in her jurisdiction?

“Publicly available records show that Jake Bergmann has teamed up to form a cannabis related business venture with Ronald Fried and Hali Utstein, the wife of David Silvers – a Florida state representative.

Bergmann is also registered as an officer of a business along with Zachary Kobrin, a cannabis attorney with the law firm of Akerman LLP.”

David Silvers is a name that has come up before indeed. This seemingly happened directly as our Square Processing was shut down and we were seemingly blacklisted from multiple payment processors and Muelleer had Trump arrested, ironically as Aeropay (an Xcom Shogun Company) committed a deep state coup for marijuana payment processing.

Essentially, they shut down the legitimate company to steal the finances for their own while arresting the only candidate to speak about it. This caused a supply chain lock they have yet to figure out as we argue, those businesses and names are our work and our collected business partners. Not Fried or Bergmann.

“The corporations were created after Fried was elected to statewide office in 2018 and after Bergmann stepped down as CEO of Suterra, the medical marijuana company he founded and is now named Parallel.”

Parallel to what?

Terra corps are one of the most notably intrusive and hard to deal with companies in the industry. Supposed to go to bleed for their inability to accept the word no and their Invasion into medical practices. Other companies of the same name have been known to terrorize, harass, steal from, and even commit crime against legal businesses, even lying about their doctors and falsifying NASA information.

In her elected position, Fried has publicly advocated for the legalization of marijuana. In addition, Fried has taken steps to influence public policy related to the cannabis and the hemp industry, but is this Nicki’s hard work we’re witnessing?

In February 2019, Fried announced her appointment of Holly Bell as the Director of Cannabis. A press release stated that Bell’s role would be to “oversee the development of rules, work directly with scientific experts, and ensure Commissioner Fried’s vision for cannabis in Florida continues moving forward.”

The statement also indicated that Bell would “work closely with the Department’s Division of Plant Industry on developing Florida’s hemp industry, including the production, processing, inspecting, and manufacturing of industrial hemp, and will assist in implementing the new Farm Bill as it relates to industrial hemp.”

In June 2019, Fried announced a newly-created Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee. The press release noted that the purpose of the committee was to “collaborate with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to help improve the state’s medical marijuana policies.”

“I’m proud to establish the medical marijuana advisory committee to help expand patient access, and to advance and modernize policies to move Florida into the future of medical marijuana,” stated Commissioner Nikki Fried.

But investigations find this fishy in regards to actual companies that have already paved the road for cannabis in other states that Nikki Fried single handedly robbed and prevented from success, pursuit of happiness, and freedom to run their business costing the marijuana industry millions of dollars.

Who is Nikki Fried helping?

Like Sam Bankman Fried and JJ Fried, No one but themselves.

Holly Bell Maxx Models

Holly Bell is the CEO and owner of Maxx Models. According to her Zoom info, she works directly with Tom Bell.

And we're very familiar with Tom Bell.

According to his LinkedIn, Tom Bell is the proud CEO and owner of Bell Industries DBA Budda Teas. This is a company we've gone back and forth with who fails to acknowledge the CEOs and people that they steal from until those CEOs refuse to do work for free.

In fact, not only has Tom Bell run parallel to us but he's still in every chance that we have at success, every chance our customers have that success, every chance our business partners have at success, placing an incredible amount of very important cultivators, doctors, dispensaries, and government officials in very grave Danger.

You can read about it here

Now that company is a direct clone and copy and paste of our company but Twitter is silencing us and providing them Payment Processing through their block Incorporated with Mile High Payments. A company we've been contacting since 2018 that still can't manage to figure out how to underwrite for the legal company that manufactures those products that they stole and then silenced so we couldn't tell anybody about it.

Isn't that the way to kill the American dream? To steal from the citizens and prevent them from their success when you don't know what you're doing?

In our above spilling the tea article, you can see with the Wayback machine and business records that all of this happened in 2018 when Miss Fried gained office, and attempted to abuse her power against the citizens.

Nikki fried and her husband did not create a cannabis table, they did not create a group of people in the industry, I did. What they did was they stole, paralleled, and silenced the people that were working this industry and prevented them from earning an income treating them like slaves without any care as to how this would affect their futures, their income, their self-esteem, or the industry as a whole.

While an international company, we like to remind everybody that we are based in Chicago, which is not in Florida.

Tallahassee Reports has reached out to Fried’s office for comment on Bergmann’s business relationships and possible conflicts of interest. We have yet to receive a response.

From L-R: Hali Utstein, David Silvers, Dr. Esty Golan, Jake Bergmann

The Iconoclast Companies

According to state records, Bergmann is associated with three businesses registered in the state of Florida using some variation of the name Iconoclast. But before the Iconoclast cluster of businesses were registered, Bergmann registered a company in Nevada.

On January 24, 2019, two months after Nikki Fried was elected, Bergmann registereda corporation named Tatooine, LTD in Nevada. Bergmann is listed as the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director.

Why Nevada? One reason maybe the noted advantages to forming an LLC in Nevada. These advantages include ease of registration, relatively low corporate taxes and lack of state taxes. Nevada also offers strong privacy protections to business owners and a business-friendly environment.

This would be needed when having to claim the victim after getting caught stealing property. We assume they wanted the privacy because it would help them launder the money and information longer than they already have, making it hard to find who's behind it.

Iconoclast Ventures

Two months after Tatooine LTD was created in Nevada, on March 8, 2019,Iconoclast Ventures was registered in Florida. The “MGR” of the company was listed as Tatooine, LTD with an address of 450 E Las Olas Blvd, #1250, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.

The address is the same address used by The Rubin Group.

The Iconoclast Ventures website list the founding partners as Bergmann, Ronald Fried, and Hali Utstein. Bergmann is listed as the CEO, Ron Fried as the Chief Operations Officer (COO), and Utstein as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

The website indicates that Mr. Fried holds a Florida real estate sales associate license and has provided Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) and has listed and sold Florida properties on behalf of Freddie Mac and numerous national private Real Estate Owned (REO) management and real estate firms. Fried most recently was engaged as an operational and compliance consultant for a Florida licensed mortgage lender.

According to the website, Utstein is responsible for managing the company’s brand, facilitating investor relationships and collaborating with partners to drive revenue.

Utstein is also identified as a key investor across multiple industries, including CB Collective and One Hemp Brands and serves on the board of directors of One Hemp.

The registration of Iconoclast Ventures came during the 2019 session when a bill to related hemp was being considered by the Florida Legislature.

When the Florida Legislature passed the bill in May 2019, Fried said, “Today’s historic vote is eighty years in the making — Florida is now on the verge of establishing a state hemp program and creating a multi-billion dollar industry.”

Which is great for them. Not so great for the states doing it well before they had that they stole it from, like Illinois.

Ultimately, the hemp bill was signed into law by Governor DeSantis in 2019 when he pledged his allegiance to protect our environment but not our natural surroundings. However at this time, The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill) authorized the production of hemp and removed hemp and hemp seeds from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) schedule of Controlled Substances.

Meaning it doesn't really matter what Nikki Fried signed into office because federally, which Trump's the state, CBD and hemp were legal all across the country already. Meaning once again Nikki Fried did something that was already accomplished and then took credit for it. Most of these things being used to benefit her personally and financially.

Shortly after registering Iconoclast Ventures in May 2019, it appears that Bergmann met up with his business partner, Utstein and her fiance at the time, Florida state representative David Silvers, in Israel. This is took place during the same time that the Florida Cabinet – including Nikki Fried – held a meeting in Israel.

Nikki Fried needed to hatch a plan to take control of an industry that was already budding and that the country had already depended on.

It was reported that Utstein, Silvers, and Bergmann held meetings with Dr. Igal Louria-Hayon, Director of the Medical Cannabis Research and Innovation Center at the Rambam Health Care Campus.

Ironically, All our medical advisory team can think of is the cardiac arrest reporting guidelines.

Iconoclast Inc.

On January 9, 2020 Iconoclast Inc. was registered in Florida as a not-for-profit corporation. The directors listed were Robert J. Bergmann, Elizabeth A. Bergmann, and Zachary Kobrin.

The business is listed as a non-profit with a principle address of 5307 Pimlico Drive Tallahassee, FL 32309. The principle address is the home Bergmann shares with Fried.

Six months earlier, it was announced on June 10, 2019, that Kobrin was one of Fried’s appointments to the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee that Fried created to “collaborate with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to help improve the state’s medical marijuana policies.”

According to the Akerman website, Kobrin has served as General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer for a multinational cannabis company and currently advises cannabis and hemp industry clients on legal, regulatory and business development issues.

He is also listed as a team member of the Akerman Cannabis Practice that boasts the practice is ranked nationally as one of the top firms in Cannabis Law by Chambers USA.

According to their website, Akerman’s cannabis related clients include cannabis investment funds, cultivators, processors, dispensers and distributors, and suppliers of ancillary products and services… Just like our company!

When contacted by TR, Kobrin said he was Mr. Bergmann’s lawyer and declined to discuss their business relationship. This revelation means that Fried appointed her fiance’s lawyer to the medical marijuana advisory committee she created.

Iconoclast One

Less than three months after registering Iconoclast Inc.,Iconclast One was registered in Florida on March 27, 2020 with R. Jacob Bergmann and Hali Utstein listed as Managers.

Repeated attempts to contact Utstein failed.

We will continue to reach out to individuals related to the businesses associated with Mr. Bergmann.


Read the article we wrote in regards to spilling the tea HERE!

Once caught up on the clone companies and their being counterfeit, this brings you to an address located on the bottom of the website.

7043 Remo Way Sacramento, CA 95822

Upon looking at this address I get multiple names.

Brenda Hawkins - A Brandt Employee

Paula and JJ McCracken - Moderators for twitch, Adult swim connections

Vincent and Keith Edwards - I’m simply not sure who these people are.

Vincent Edwards has his name associated with both the address and the NOW CANCELED business license for CBD Teas, owned by Tom Bell.

Tom Bell

Now a simple search for Keith Edwards reveals he's Fried's new communication director… and he's holding stolen property and preventing the owners of the property from having that blatantly against the Bill of Rights.

In fact it is Twitter profile you can see him mocking the fact that he was not available for comment for Fox News. It's almost like the news anchors are wondering where all the money is going.

Knowing who Sam Bankman Fried is and that there might be a little connection there also makes people nervous.

If Desantes allows this in his state, who's going to vote for him for president?

So at the end of the day can you really trust your government to do what's right for you and uphold your rights to private property that shall not be taken for the use of the citizens without just compensation? Or are your rights and your laws gone since the Democrats came in office?

It's really up to the Patriot push back. We will continue to prevent access to our supply chain and continuation of our work until we are granted credit and profit for it regardless of who is attempting to abuse their power at the moment to take control of our private company.

This country is looking more and more like a bunch of fools grabbing for Monopoly pieces that they cannot obtain, liquidating things that they do not own. Stand up for yourself, stand up for your neighbors, and you just might make it through.

If you've never shared anything from us please if anything share this document so at the very least people know exactly who they're voting in office, and possibly who they're voting in for president, as we would never want this mistake to ever happen again.

We aren’t a DEEP FRIED industry, and you WILL give pay and credit to those who make the industry, or we will block you from it.

Always Remember:

The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution provides that private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation. An implied contract to make payment therefor has been held to arise from such a taking.

This includes governors of agriculture racketeering our income and freedoms. It needs to stop. We are not slaves, you didn't "create or develop us." Our licenses are valid, unlike yours, and you cannot take private property for your government just because you want to make money. It wouldn't surprise me if they began looking into her income now more so than they have in the past. I sure hope they do.