Top 10 Crimes Actively Endangering the Medical Industry

Posted by Blunt Media on Dec 18th 2023

Top 10 Crimes Actively Endangering the Medical Industry

The industry is in danger. We are at a risk of losing everything as a group from seed, to grow, to clone, to manufacturing to dispensing. If we do not get our act together as an industry and stand up for what's right by our neighbors and our business partners we will lose this industry to people who have no idea what they're doing.

We went behind the scenes and we observed the most heinous of crimes and people that think that they're going to get away with things they are not going to get away with. We are not against I heart, never were, it is not us following Ben Green around the internet, it is the other way around. The way back machine does document our existence before many of your current Statewide services. Yet we still can't make a sale why? It's almost like the banks own the ability to dictate your future.

We can only say so many times that when we're not actively selling we are on a mission to fix something in the industry, to protect somebody, to be involved in a legal investigation Etc

We are not going to constantly repeat ourselves to criminals who are using ignorance of the law as an excuse, which they cannot do anymore.

Knowledge is Power. So here are the 10 biggest laws being broken in the marijuana industry with a couple of hints and nods to those that might be doing it, so you can protect yourself and your business in the future as well.

1. AntiTrust

Antitrust refers to the regulation of the concentration of economic power, particularly in regard to monopolies and other anticompetitive practices. Antitrust laws exist as both federal statutes and state statutes. The three key federal statutes in Antitrust Law are;

  • Sherman Act Section 1: Describes and prohibits specific conduct deemed anticompetitive.
  • Sherman Act Section 2: Provides a means to stop already occurring anticompetitive practices.
  • The Clayton Act: Regulates mergers and acquisitions in combination with the guidelines published by the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

Many states have adopted antitrust statutes that parallel the Sherman Antitrust Act to prevent anticompetitive behavior within individual states. For example, California’s Cartwright Act is very similar to the Sherman Act.

Violating antitrust laws carry both criminal and civil penalties though in practice civil penalties are more common. When they occur, criminal prosecutions are limited to intentional and clear violations. Criminal penalties can include up to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $100,000,000 for corporations and $1,000,000 for individuals. In practice, combined with civil penalties, actual fines for violating antitrust laws can be far higher and occasionally reach into the billions. [1]

Antitrust violations occur when an antitrust law is broken; laws protecting trade and commerce from abusive practices such as price-fixing, restraints, price discrimination, and monopolization.

One of the strongest arguments for some degree of trade protectionism is the tendency for unfair competition to emerge, particularly in developing markets without the infrastructure to monitor their businesses and enforce penalties. This is called the unfair competition argument.

This is the argument found most often in the medical marijuana industry as we watched our government destroy our pharmaceutical industry. This is why additional government interference in our self-medicating industry that's built upon the citizens that need it, most of them victims of the pharmaceutical industry, is one that is met with utmost hesitation if not fear. Those of us put between the two get torn in multiple directions for billionaires and pharmaceutical Industries to run amok on everyone's lives and then send them the bill for it. Fact is, the rich will get richer if there is no middle man and they won't follow a single law to do so even when you are expected to follow every single one. They don't trust you, you don't trust them. It's only a Fair competition when everybody has to follow the same group of laws.

This is the governance that is being argued over. Can we expect the government to defend us when our rights are taken from us in this industry if we don't allow them to regulate it in the first place?

In this instance Antitrust is related to the legislation of preventing or controlling trusts or other monopolies, with the intention of promoting competition in business.

2. Unfair Competition

The law of unfair competition is primarily comprised of torts that cause economic injury to a business through a deceptive or wrongful business practice. Unusually this effects a smaller business.

Unfair competition can be broken down into two broad categories:

  1. sometimes used to refer only to those torts that are meant to confuse consumers as to the source of the product (also known as deceptive trade practices)
  2. unfair trade practices comprises all other forms of unfair competition. [2]

Unfair competition does not refer to the economic harms involving monopolies and antitrust legislation. What constitutes an "unfair" act varies with the context of the business, the action being examined, and the facts of the individual case.

Two common examples of unfair competition are trademark infringement and misappropriation. The Right of Publicity is often invoked in misappropriation issues.

Other practices that fall into the area of unfair competition include:

- False Advertising

- "Bait and switch" selling tactics or advertising one thing but providing another

- Unauthorized substitution of one brand of goods for another

- Use of confidential information by former employee to solicit customers (Corporate Espionage)

- Theft of trade secrets and intellectual property

- Breach of a restrictive covenant (such as a host or banking institution)

- Trade libel ( or lies and slander against your trade)

- False representation of products or services.

The law of unfair competition is mainly governed by state common law. Federal law may apply in the areas of trademarks, copyrights, and false advertising. [See 1125 of the Lanham Act.]

Congress established The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in part to protect consumers from deceptive trade practices. The FTC indirectly protects competitors because some deceptive trade practices (e.g. "bait and switch tactics") that injure consumers also injure competing businesses. The FTC regulations concerning unfair competition are found in various parts of Title 16 of the Code of Federal Regulations. If there is a conflict between federal and state law, the federal law will often triumph because of the doctrine of preemption.

3. 15 US CODE 1125 - False designations of origin, false descriptions, and dilution forbidden

The several courts vested with jurisdiction of civil actions arising under this chapter shall have power to grant injunctions, according to the principles of equity and upon such terms as the court may deem reasonable, to prevent the violation of any right of the registrant of amark registered in the Patent and Trademark Office or to prevent a violation under subsection (a), (c), or (d) of section 1125 of this title. A plaintiff seeking any such injunction shall be entitled to a rebuttable presumption of irreparable harm upon a finding of a violation identified in this subsection in the case of a motion for a permanent injunction or upon a finding of likelihood of success on the merits for a violation identified in this subsection in the case of a motion for a preliminary injunction or temporary restraining order.

Code 1125 is very long and detailed in regards to marks, fame, and domain. To read the law in its entirety click here. For the purpose of this document we will be picking out specific parts of this law.

In the case of a civil action arising under section 1114(1)(a) of this title orsection 220506 of title 36 with respect to a violation that consists of using a counterfeit mark in connection with the sale, offering for sale, or distribution of goods or services, the court may, upon ex parte application, grant an order under subsection (a) of this section pursuant to this subsection providing for the seizure of goods and counterfeit marks involved in such violation and the means of making such marks, and records documenting the manufacture, sale, or receipt of things involved in such violation.

As used in this subsection the term “counterfeit mark” means—


a counterfeit of a mark that is registered on the principal register in the United States Patent and Trademark Office for such goods or services sold, offered for sale, or distributed and that is in use, whether or not the person against whom relief is sought knew such mark was so registered; or


a spurious designation that is identical with, or substantially indistinguishable from, a designation as to which the remedies of this chapter are made available by reason of section 220506 of title 36;

but such term does not include any mark or designation used on or in connection with goods or services of which the manufacture [1] or producer was, at the time of the manufacture or production in question authorized to use the mark or designation for the type of goods or services so manufactured or produced, by the holder of the right to use such mark or designation.

1125 also states, A person who suffers damage by reason of a wrongful seizure under this subsection has a cause of action against the applicant for the order under which such seizure was made, and shall be entitled to recover such relief as may be appropriate, including damages for lost profits, cost of materials, loss of good will, and punitive damages in instances where the seizure was sought in bad faith, and, unless the court finds extenuating circumstances, to recover a reasonable attorney’s fee. The court in its discretion may award prejudgment interest on relief recovered under this paragraph, at an annual interest rate established under section 6621(a)(2) of title 26, commencing on the date of service of the claimant’s pleading setting forth the claim under this paragraph and ending on the date such recovery is granted, or for such shorter time as the court deems appropriate. [3]

Which in this case is about 7 years. So in case it doesn't ring a bell nature did come before an environment did and you shouldn't put your name on her, not without consent.

4. Right of Publicity

This one hits hard as it affects the influencers and employees in the limelight.

What Is Right of Publicity? The right of publicity is an intellectual property right that protects against the misappropriation of a person's name, likeness, or other indicia of personal identity—such as nickname, pseudonym, voice, signature, likeness, or photograph—for commercial benefit.

This is akin to the “TV Movie Rights” of yesteryear.

This protects your story, your likeness, your property, your voice, and your name… which some of us have spent our whole lives attempting to make for ourselves.

In the United States, no federal statute or case law recognizes the private or personal right of publicity, although federal unfair competition law recognizes a related statutory right to protection against false endorsement, association, or affiliation. A majority of states do, however, recognize the right of publicity by statute and/or case law. [4]

This is the legal stance we provide our business partners. We do not sell full shops with names included, so if you see that, it’s not us. Reporting fraud to us is very important. This assists us in removing bootleg copies and knock offs harming our partnered brands reputations and the safety of our possibly confused clientele. All brands we sell are personal to us, came to us, and authorized us to sell their property. This is why we have dummy brands and trademarking. In a world of influence, pharmaceuticals, and drug markets there’s always a monster attempting to gain a function of it in it’s entirety. Our job is to prevent that from happening, even if we need to include the government.

Right of publicity comes to play when concerning ourselves with silencing business competition and ID fraud as well. We’ve caught 6 women in the past year falsifying their connections to our CEO, some even claiming to be her as if to “dub” her story without consent. We make it very clear that we will protect what belongs to us, including the safety of our CEO.

5. Prevention of Liberty

The lives and liberties of Americans are protected by the Patriot Act.

Along with the right to life, the right to liberty is one of the most fundamental human rights. The right to liberty is the right of all persons to freedom of their person – freedom of movement and freedom from arbitrary detention by others. Historically, the protection of individual liberty was one of the crowning achievements of the common law. The writ of habeas corpus is an ancient common law remedy designed to allow a person who is detained to challenge the lawfulness of their detention. Habeas corpus does not secure the release of a person held pursuant to a valid law.

Detention on mental health grounds is authorized by law, and so is detention to prevent the transmission of infectious disease. If you recall the past few years of your life, you’ll notice how this was misused as a way to dominate the citizens. If your pharmaceutical companies want to monopolize the marijuana industry, what prevents doctors from lying to institutionalize their business competition?

We do… because we see it, they tried it, and failed to gain a function. This will come up again, keep that in mind. People often forget there’s reasons as to how people get into industries, involving hard work, loss, pain and suffering. Adding laundering, racketeering, and MEDICAL FRAUD doesn’t help.

As a medical advisor for her district, our Ceo, Kimber Mc, has had to report the most heinous of medical fraud and malpractice over the past few years to where she doesn’t trust medical personnel at all. She’s had to save lives destroyed by medical professionals and their greed. It’s her personal goal to continue the end of the Opiate crisis and if she's a threat to your medical facility owned dispensary, she’s doing something right.

6. Racketeering

Racketeering is the act of acquiring a business through illegal activity, operating a business with illegally-derived income, or using a business to commit illegal acts. The U.S. government introduced the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act in October 1970 to contain racketeering. (RICO)

Racketeering would include the misappropriation of funds and information to another source.

For example, if a doctor had a dispensary and a patient also owned a dispensary, and then the doctor tried to data mine and racketeer the money out of the patient to gain a function of her business, they might look at that as a racketeering Scandal, among other things.

Money taken specifically from one location to be given to another, misappropriated in the back ends, might also be considered racketeering.

“To the moon” isn't always a good thing.

Federal agents are currently looking into fintech development and its involvement in racketeering scandals as it seems certain people are trying to monopolize others illegally by using blacklisting, match making, and stolen property.

They’re currently looking into stripe, square, and the few controlling the backrooms by only allowing certain people to make payments, essentially illegally cuffing the legal original business with hosts and others in the industry. Mile High Payments is currently holding us financially hostage with a copy and paste of our website, but due to it being owned by block inc and square by Lane Dorsey, they silenced our company on twitter costing us hundreds of thousands. However, her streamers and even the Campbells that work for her are begging us for access to our supply chain. So they are silencing people under protected speech, while stealing their property and harassing the actual companies.

This is a free speech concern. No one should be silenced, because it could just be rich and selfish social media owners attempting to harm and steal small businesses and prevent them from reporting about it. You cannot purchase the rights of citizens, and their freedom isn't dependent on your rich people temper tantrums. You cannot be the hero of a story in which you are already the problem. Blackrock isn't helping here.

7. Misappropriation of Funds/Information

In law, misappropriation may be defined as "[t]he unauthorized, improper, or unlawful use of funds or other property for purposes other than that for which intended."

Taking property from the developer, manufacturing and brain of the organization to replace the actual CEO with a fraud so you may steal the funds, is Misappropriation of funds. We are concerned here for both EPIC, our host, and a COO who may be laundering funds from us as well. Luckily, our CEO knows them all personally now and has no fears in turning them all in, one by one. You cannot steal someone’s property who pays for your hosting service, just because your daughter sells weed or you’d prefer the company in your name. 

That’s a felony.

8. Corporate Espionage

Corporate espionage is stealing proprietary information, trade secrets, or intellectual property from a business and giving or selling it to another. The primary intent behind corporate espionage is to use the acquired information to gain a competitive advantage.

We currently see this with frauds such as Vincent and Keith Edwards, Brenda Hawkins (who works at Brandt/ Taylor Made, a story for another day) and Paula and JJ McCracken laundering information and money through the use of twitch and Youtube donations on our personal property. We’re working closely with law enforcement and Google to handle this. We ask that you distance yourself from them to avoid investigating and charges they are absolutely going to acquire. We are aware of the fraud attempted by Stone and Hyphonix and are handling it internally. For more information on this case, visit our article on Spilling the Tea HERE.

9. Bank Fraud

We’ve watched Matching, Blacklisting, and popping up of new processors all last year to where we have a list of 67 onboarders who denied us banking… while providing it to someone holding stolen property or a clone site. It's to the point where we can connect them to Medical professionals, clone websites, the rich attempting to monopolize, the tobacco corporations keeping you down, even to dispensaries. Yes dispensaries selling THC were able to make a profit and succeed on their products and ours prior to those without THC? How does that make any sense? Because the sellers of THC were misappropriating and racketeering the whole time through their dispensaries and subsequent medical facilities.

A detailed report will be released upon finalizing and closing government investigation.

Predators that attempted choke out small businesses illegally just to pick up the bones left behind, don't deserve this industry. This industry was based on paying suffering and necessity and you're not going to take it from us because you didn't build it in the first place.

However when you have a fintech developer working at a dispensary with ill intent, this is what happens. When you attempt to eclipse the words and honest investigation of those actually working for the industry for someone else like Sam Bankman Fried this is why we end up with major scams causing the government's need to control your industry.

Many times somebody's such as Chris wheeler from the Pitney Wheeler Bowes Corporation will Place himself in a position of power for absolutely no reason, sign an agreement with Mr Beast, and all the sudden the Thundercats are chasing you around the internet acting like you don't own anything. We assume this to be the case with Ludwig and QT Cinderella and they're pushing of Aeropay the states THC Payment Processing system that came well after we already existed.

The benefit of working with not only to the medical industry but the government and the influencer basis put us in a special spot in this industry that we are blessed to have. We are a family and we won't just disappear lying down because somebody from NASA wants to believe in a dental assistant today or because Elon Musk is the owner of PayPal and we're concerned about how he might follow Dorsey’s criminal fraud. 

The CEO of our hosting company, Bellm doesn't seem to care at all. We had reported security breach from Shogun and XCOM years prior to it actually being able to process payments. We were ignored even though his contract of employment states that he has 10 days to clear up a security breach or he loses his employment. The reason we put two and two together is because Eugene Bellm is a big name in the medical blob Society. This means we are aware that the host that we pay money to to host our multimillion dollar Business website is not only connected to the new owner of Twitter, but he is part owner of PayPal, for whom Bellm develops. 

So while we feel that Elon really does have a goal to fix the Fault in Our Stars and change the way that we treat our children and our future, that triangulation is very powerful and we do see it. We will not be turned into dust in monopolized by rich men that don't even know what they're doing because they don't even fact check GPS base coordinated systems and the education of the people writing the documentation of NASA. So while I will not say outright that Elon will copy Dorsey with square and block and attempt to steal and misappropriate businesses, silence the business owner so it can't be spoken about, and then steal their property and prevent them from banking, but we did just get banned from Twitter for no reason so… we're simply saying we know it's possible and we're keeping a very dedicated eye on it.

The position we're in is being attacked from every angle at all times because people keep trying to take this business from us. And they're failing thanks to the internet watchdogs and our influencer friends seeing the actual pain and suffering being caused to our CEO and our employees and not being silent about it. We've had people from musicians, to Adult Swim cartoonist, to famous actors and authors all come and ask us why what is happening is happening. This is the best answer we can give you. Keep one hand on your origin, and don't shit on your fan base. Use your voice as a power for those who don't have the power of using their voice anymore or never did. Those are the influencers that I work with, and if you want to be one you are more than welcome as long as your goal in this industry is to leave the world a better place than we came into it. Not to destroy somebody else's build and build back better when we can't build it all, but to fix the wrongs, protect the innocence, and save our souls. Influence the masses to become better people.

That is the power, we just haven't shown it off yet.

10. Medical Abuse

This is the biggest and most unfortunate problem in our industry as of late. Due to the current state of our laws in regards to freedom and liberty, the one way to be able to take away somebody's freedom in Liberty is to dictate that they are mentally unfit to decide what their freedom in Liberty is and the only people with the ability to do that are doctors and we know exactly which ones are trying.

We know Epic Apple and Google are all fighting for control over this industry and we know they're all fighting for doing what's right but some of them aren't doing anything right at all and they need to realize that if they're going to be in our back end they can't be committing so much fraud that we're ashamed of them and have to leave.

Ever since the creation of happy corp and BetterHelp we've been suspect about this type of of intervention so we've watched it closely as the medical advisors to our district and we've noticed a lot of things. Like happy a corp, selling telecommunication making it normal to have to visit your doctor on the phone or online. This is convenient don't get me wrong, but it's also easily manipulated.

I had a discussion with a friend of Tim Pool once, a doctor, John McMillan. He's a psychologist. I've never met this man physically, he was a doctor recommended to me by a doctor who I probably shouldn't listen to the recommendations of and the way that he treated me and other victims of his service that have come forward is despicable, disgusting, and needs to be punished.

Mind you my mental health was under control prior to meeting this man and I did not have any problems that I couldn't overcome myself. In fact I'm simply being treated for ADHD because there's so much going on it is so hard to focus. Adhd. The inability to concentrate and focus. That is not a reason to take away somebody's ability to make decisions and freedom but McMillan sure did try, didn't he? I noticed that it said epic at the top of his telecommunication application and due to being in business with all of these developers I was curious as to why it said EPIC at the top. So I simply asked why does it say EPIC on our telecommunication app?

McMillan panicked refusing to answer the question. He dictated that he was going to take away all of my medications I've been on since I was 15. My ADHD medication, medication for mood swings, medication that regulates my nervous system from seizures, antidepressants, all of it even though there is no problem at the moment other than him not wanting to answer why epic is at the top of my medical chart?

“Why would you take away all my medication?” I asked him.

“You're manic and you need to go to the hospital!” he screamed. “ I'm not giving you your medication if you crash if there's a problem you go to the ER.”

So, because I asked why epic was at the top of a telecommunication service, an alleged psychologist with the patient's safety in mind then decided that was a manic question so he was going to take away the manic patient's medication… all of it. Due to the side effects of these medications sometimes causing mental Clarity problems I'm assuming he assumed that the patient would be locked up and no longer a problem because that's the only way they could remove her free ability and rights as an American citizen to own a business.

That's a crazy statement isn't it? Why would a doctor care about my company?

I don't know why would WISE cannabis dispensary be owned by a doctor’s family in the first place? [5] Why would 3C be connected? [6] Why is the financial advisor of the hosting company I pay way to much money to sleeping with an EPIC employee I used to go to high school with and laundering my money to his daughter at Hatch dispensary? Why is that happening?

Covid was a test. Covid was a test to see how much control the doctors could have over Society. Doctors were a test to see how far you would let them take your rights away from you. We wouldn't let them do that we fought back because we know the truth and we will not stop.

Since the beginning of this investigation we have had nine divorces, four doctors sanctioned and having their license removed, the prevention of Licensing of two doctors with ill intent, and the closure of an entire medical facility.

Currently, we even have business partners that think that they can steal our property because they're listed with us but that is not the case.

Any business partner that is caught attempting to monopolize or dominate or Over Control any other business partner in our industry will be swiftly removed and documented. Stay tuned as we will be releasing those documents of every bank crime, every Rich guy's attempt to monopolize, every doctor's attempt to remove freedoms and liberties from patients so their kids can deal weed, any Fortuna ESPN sports deal that wants to launder through pool, any onboarding banking system selling stolen property but not allowing the actual manufacturers to profit and any social media developer abusing their power to prevent the success of others.

The truth will set us free.

We're arming you with knowledge and Power.

Act Natural.