How are Social Media Tech Giants and Streaming Services STEALING the American Dream?

Posted by Kimber McIntyre with Blunt Media on Jan 29th 2024

How are Social Media Tech Giants and Streaming Services STEALING the American Dream?

Are those in charge of the truth and misinformation taking more from you than just free speech? Can you trust a truth committee or social media platforms to not abuse their power and how far does it go before protecting you becomes controlling you and your property? Can they effect your life more than cancelling you online? What happens when their moves become financially devastating?

Block Inc., formerly Square, is an online payments and financial services company. It develops hardware and software to aid businesses operations, including point-of-sale hardware, payments processing and analytics software, a business debit card called Square Card, and a peer-to-peer payment service called Cash App.

The top Block shareholders are Jack Dorsey, Vanguard Group, FMR, LLC, and Blackrock Inc. Block’s trailing 12-month (TTM) revenue is $17.5 billion, with TTM net income of -$353.4 million and a market cap of $34.7 billion as of May 2023. (1)

Dorsey, formerly the owner of Twitter, essentially has the power to provide Payment Processing to any company, meaning they have the power to take it away.

On October 3rd, 2019 Square had announced that they would be offering Payment Processing to CBD vendors, a rather high risk offer but a blessing to those of us that follow the law. (2)

We were not surprised but incredibly grateful to receive one of the first CBD selling accounts with Square. However, like most businesses who have used Square will report, after you make about three grand they will shut you down without question for no reason.

Why even offer the CBD account at all if you actually cannot handle the processing? Or is something else going on?

During our investigations, which we do regularly to protect this industry and its customers from tainted products, we found a few websites doing their best to simply clone our website. As we looked deeper into it we saw there may be a Nu Era and back end connection there. We noticed that the website in particular has payment processing. (Read Story Here) So we thought to ourselves, how can people that can't access our products and have no permission or licensing have access to Payment Processing for our company, yet we are not allowed?

We tried to contact Square customer service in regards to this, but they seem to not exist.

So we did a little digging and we found out that one clone website, CBDTeas, illegally acquired by Mr Bell and Vincent Edwards, was using Mile High Risk processing. We learned about Mr. Bell during our investigation into Parallel and Nicki Fried, which you can read here.

This is peculiar, so we started digging. One of our business contacts for Star Citizen, Rick Martinez, had recommended Mile High in the past. In fact, according to our emails, we had already applied for Mile High processing in 2018 and we're still to this day waiting for underwriting to complete.

Seems it's easier to copy and paste someone's company and intellectual property and then delete them from speaking about it on twitter, then it is to do your underwriting job at a bank apparently.

According to a list of on-boarding bank fraud that we've collected this year, (which we will be publishing) that actually seems true.

However, according to the Bill of Rights and almost every US Trade law known to man, it is federally illegal to steal a company and their intellectual private property and then prevent them from success. In most cases we would be charging for damages and we are still looking into our legal options.

The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution provides that private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation.(3)

This is why we are very adamant on freedom of speech being important. When we have people who are in charge of speech, they overstep their power and steal from the citizens that are following the law in this country. They ruin lives by silencing them, allowing them to suffer in silence without anybody to scream to while they rob your country blind. This is our biggest fear when it comes to a group controlling free speech and the truth because you can rewrite the truth in your own favor by silencing it. 

It seems lately people have been treating our company like it's monopoly, preventing us from getting an income until we stop the machine entirely to let them know that we do not work for free.

So unfortunately, well we're being financially abused, most likely by those like Jim Orsini of Mile High Labs, or Ryan Campbell who's also working at Mile High and asked us for access to our property, or even Jaden Hanson is connected.

Now here lies your problem with the Campbell's family, they don't know how to not touch other people's property. Working directly with gaming leagues such as OTK, which contains members such as Asmond Gold, Miskif, Cyr, and Soda Poppin who work with streamers such as QT Cinderella and Ludwig (who work with Aeropay) … whom I'm more than familiar with. The Campbell's 10 unit is looking terrible right now. OTK founder Rich Campbell is currently going through a lawsuit with Azalea Lexi which paints a terrible picture of sexual accusations and abuse. (4)

Rich Campbell has stepped away and kept silent in regard to OTK, but has decided to file a defamation lawsuit in response. (5)

Not only were they reported during a security breach for releasing problematic material into the system, but they also blatantly made an attempt to steal from us, by name!

This is a common and happening from the Morris family. Here you can see April Morris as she lies about her education and where she got her information on a website names similar to mine, also hosted with a separate sex offender.

(Read about April Morris and her attempt to disparage our company here.)

So with all of these things connecting it does kind of look like an intentional attempt on my life and company. So much so that my concern is Morris' connection to Robert Severino, who has a connection to my doctor's office, and Taylor Brands by Brandt who work with Xcom in the front end of our hosting company, which is being thoroughly investigated. This is the company who Brenda Hawkins (as mentioned in this article) is employed. So it seems that Taylor Made his booting people from their own processing, another investigation entirely that's currently on going. That brings into question doctors who might be manipulating people to get into the marijuana industry.

Now it looks like people are playing with the Matchmaker system which prevents people from getting payment processing in the first place and ruins lives in their entirety and I will not be a life that they chose to ruin. I will not be quiet.

So, now you have Mile High Labs not only holding an exact clone replica of our property, illegally holding stolen property, but holding us financially hostage from making payments and accepting payments, essentially attempting to destroy our careers or company. Ironically, the Campbell's employees were easy to follow to both Brandt and to a group they named OTK, which stands for one true king, but their property was ironically stolen from a queen.

Initially I wouldn't have put our losing our Twitter account, Jack and Lane Dorsey, and the Campbell's family together… But then I received an email from align.

So now Dorsey is holding stolen property and they can't do anything about it because half of the companies have gone out of business and they don't know how to update the program… and I will not do it for free.

Turns out this company is part of the blockchain that tries to block people from their own private property, block incorporated, which is a very good way of just stealing people's property and then silencing them about it and lying to everyone. Much like Bit-connect. They use people like PayPal developers and Freshbooks developers and influence to commit fraud that they think nobody will catch up to.

Unfortunately due to the amount of government officials and doctors involved in this industry that isn't going to work out for the rest of us. It's essentially blatantly stealing companies from other people and preventing them from success and then emailing that company manufacturing account and asking them to join you against yourself. It seems like everybody gets caught up this way… with conspiracy. The malls, the maps, eventually all of the clones find their way back to my manufacturing account and asking me to turn my back on myself.

If we are going to let billionaires simply prevent people from success in the future, what is preventing all of the Patriots that outnumber them from no longer following the laws themselves and ending other people's lives? Where does it stop? If they can just take your business from you and tell you you don't deserve to earn an income. You don't deserve to survive.

Regardless of the amount of laws that this is breaking and the amounts of rights that are being stolen from me personally, how can we expect the Cannabis industry to continue without government intrusion when you people clearly can't behave themselves?

We felt like we were being attacked and we did tons of research, eventually finding out about Stephen Mueller, who may or may not be related to the arrest of Trump, the man who tried to protect us from this deep state fraud.

So you're telling us that The Man Behind having Trump arrested for exposing the Deep state, is related to the Deep State?

Interesting. While investigations are still ongoing and most of them involve fintech and payment gateways.

One thing you can trust is that the truth will come out. We have faith in our political partners to take this information and use it to help us save not only this movement but the freedoms in our country. We try not to stand on any political spectrum, but uphold the values of America and stand by the patriots standing firm with us.

It's not some conspiracy theory anymore. According to Rand Paul, this has been happening throughout the entirety of COVID.

On January 5, 2023, President Biden signed the Protecting American Intellectual Property Act into law. This law seeks to deter the theft of US intellectual property by non-US actors by threatening to impose economic sanctions on those engaged in trade secrets theft. This law adds to existing measures available under US law, such as criminal prosecution, civil lawsuits, and/or designation to a US restricted parties list such as the Entity List (maintained by the US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security). (6)

That’s a step in the right direction for America’s future.

Thank you for your patience in this trying matter we're doing the best we can.

If you too have been affected by IP theft or bank fraud you're not alone.

You can directly report if your intellectual property has been stolen here: